Caribou Gear Tarp

Big Agnes Copper Spur Tent.

I just spent last weekend in one of em with another guy, couldn't ask for anything more...
It is a good tent! $75 off almost makes it the same price as the REI Dome Series.
I've been using a BA Seedhouse 2 for the last 8 years. Great tent. I see this one has a side vestibule, which is a huge plus. Easy to set up, and for how light they are I don't think they really have much in the way of durability issues. Keep a roll of Tenacious Tape handy as tears will happen.
I have the FlyCreek UL3. Good tent so far and it is one of the lighter weight ones. You have probably heard by now, but, most guys recommend a 3 person tent for 2 people. I am glad someone here told me that when I was shopping. I can't imagine being any closer than we are now and we are not big guys. The FlyCreek has the vestibule on the end. This works ok for nighttime exits if you are over 40 yr. old and have to do that. The best option for me would be the model with a side vestibule on both sides so you don't have to climb over each other to get out. That would also offer better air flow on warm days/nights, but that option also adds weight which I didn't want.
It will work as a 4-season as well.:D

I have a copper spur 2-person tent. Last year was my first season with it. It is a bit tight with another guy in it, but not terrible if you and your hunting partner are not too large. I love having my own vestibule and not dealing with crawling over someone to exit. It is also much easier to get into from the side door versus a door on the end.
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