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Best burger recipe

certainly the steaks are nowhere near the top. but they're yummy.

when we go out for good steaks it's for our anniversary at a butchery and market restaurant in boulder and these days it costs us north of $400 dollars all said and done. that's where the unmatched steaks are. aboslutely lightyears better than what i can produce at home. good thing we budget for an annual anniversary dinner.

t road is just unmatched for a well priced delicious glutton fest. gorging on 2,000 calories of roadhouse rolls dripping in butter, then munching down a cactus blossom, chomping a caesar or house salad with blue cheese then chewing down a 16 oz ribeye washed down with a makers mark old fashioned is about as enjoyable a time as one can have. sometimes, i wonder if it's almost more enjoyable than getting the 14 dollar old fashioneds with woodford reserve and 260 dollar 60 day dry aged 32 oz ribeye to share at the yuppy restaurant.

for the same reasons i'll never be above red robin, big macs, taco bell, papa johns or pizza hut. if it tastes good to you and you have a good time, go enjoy it every now and then.
If you’re gonna splurge, Shanahan’s in Denver does a really good steak.
If you’re gonna splurge, Shanahan’s in Denver does a really good steak.

Have been there. Absolutely very good. But IMO pales in comparison to places like Guard and Grace in Denver or Blackbelly in Boulder.
EB Fungi umami seasoning, pickapeppa, black pepper, onion, garlic and season salt, is the current favorite with whatever ground beef makes it in the door.
No pictures, but this thread had me thinking of burgers all day. Pellet grill at 400° let it come to temperature. Opened “sear grate” and tossed on 5 burgers. About 4-5” diameter and 3/4” thick. Some generic season-all in the beef and cooked about 5 minutes per side. Topped with good slices of Swiss and some raspberry habanero sauce with lettuce. My bride made garlic toasted ciabatta buns inside while these cooked. Man did they hit the spot! Lots of good techniques/ideas in this thread to bookmark and revisit!
Blackstones are great! You might end up degreasing those bricks more often than you want to though. 🤷‍♂️
I already do it about twice a year as I keep my smoker there and use it a ton. I'd rather pull the power washer out a couple times a year then clean that dang stove top to my wife's standards everytime. Definitely need another rubber matt for the concrete though.
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