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best and worst


Mar 16, 2002
Enterprise, Oregon
Looks like some great bulls have been taken this year. Wish I had some pictures to share. Opening weekend I missed a 4x5 at 20 yards. Stuck the the old Muzzy in an alder tree a few inches over his back. Thought I was going to get another shot but I had a cow get above me and cought my scent she let out a bark and that bull didn't even think twice he made one jump and was out of site. the next day I called a nice bull in for my partner but he never got a shot the brush was just to thick. The rest of the the week was unbearable the bulls would not work so we pulled camp and moved up along the canadian border to hunt had a lot better luck getting the bulls to bugle but could never get anything right for a good shot.played peek-a-boo with a spike at about 10 yards that was fun. he kept me on my belly for 15 or 20 miniutes till he figured I was nothing to worry about but he stayed between me and the big bull constantly finaly they moved on and I never got a shot. Saw my first Grizzly Bear here in Idaho. Was also glad it was from at least 200 yards and he was going away from me. Also heard wolves for the first time. they do sound great when there are doing there thing. Well one more weekend for the bow season hope I can pull it together for it all to work. Congratulations to all of you that have been successfull and good luck to those who are still trying.
Sounds like you've had a good hunt so far. Good luck the rest of the way!

Hey Pumpgun, you hunting that country north of you there? I know a few guys hunting up around Priest last year that had several wolves stalk in on them while bugling! They thought it was pretty cool too.

Another guy I know was hunting the country north of the lake for mulies on that early rifle hunt and saw several grizzlies. I guess they are really moving in there.

Good lUck,


PS.. my dad lives just down in Blanchard.
Sounds like you're having fun anyway. Stisk with it (no pun intended) and you'll get the shot. I'm getting a little tired of hearing about the wolf moving in everywhere. I think they'd look real good on the end of a stick myself. Anyway, good luck on the rest of the month.
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