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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Sambar, from Down Under, i.e. an Aussie, says
"The beer is Victoria Bitter --the best in the world."

What if we each bring a beer from our area or state to the group hunt and have a Hunt Talk beer rating event for 2001. Moosie could then get beer sponsorship of Hunt Talk for the top 50 or so beers. They'll probably provide beers for the annual hunt with all the beer drinkers that read at this forum. Who knows what will happen! What do you think? Is anybody here qualified to rate a beer?
I think it's a great idea. I'll bring what I drink. Labatte Blue. I got turned on to it in Quebec, Last year. I won't hardly drink anything else now. Of course the imported version that I can buy here is almost like colored water compared to the real thing in Canada, but still better than anything else I can buy in the States. I'll bring some and you be the judge. OF COURSE ID BE HAPPY TO BE A TASTE TESTER, AFTER I KILL MY SHEEP!
Goood point, after we shoot the rams. I guess we could have the entrys on display until then. I had a "Yellow Rose Pale Ale" last night, it won a silver award in the 1997 world championship and is made here in town. Then there's "Buffaloe Butt" beer, also made here, its a beer made to drink cold and make you forget about the buffaloe butt you saw out in the field and brewed the old fashioned way. Classics like Corona or Dos Equis or Tres Equis from Mexico are good around here. I couldn't find that stuff Sambar recommended last night, we may have to get him to ship it here if he can't come.
Guys 50 years back a giant toad was introduced into Queensland from overseas it was supposed to control the sugar cane beetle,but it did the opposite this toad eats ground birds local frogs and even small snakes lizards etc it is a real enviromental disaster.It has two poison sac`s on its back so when goannas and crocs even the family pet bite them they usually die.Anyway guys we have a local beer here called Cane Toad Lager and its ranked as one of the strongest beers in the world as far as i`m concerned you have to paint your throat with bitumen to drink this piiss.When ever you guys get here i will buy you one.Tom shipping Vic Bitter over would be cost prohibitive but you guys pay this guy sends a case over.
Actually that sounds like a good idea! A real da^n good idea. I wonder about the US importation laws. Do they concern privately own goods or just items for resale. I guess what I mean is: Importers can only import beer that meets US standards and guidelines (watered down and tasteless)(low alcohol level), now does anyone know if we can have Sambar send us a case of the Good Stuff legally, for private use. If we can, I think we should send him the funds to ship us a case! I'll put a cashier's Check in the mail. It'll be almost like he's there. At least we can judge his beer. I might even kill a ram for him!!! Hahaaa I know you would really appreciate that Sambar!
Hey there GM you old GF i keep telling you mate the ewe`s are for me not those smelly old rams------- hey are we talking hunting or-------woops.
Well I might be able to bring a beverage or two from the Seattle area.I dont normally drink micros but we will see.Bud Light is my drink. :D
He11 Kraven, I'll taste anything you bring!
You might need to help carry me afterwards!lol

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