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Bear season update


New member
Jan 10, 2001
Grand Lake Stream ME USA
So far we have had 28 hunters in the last 3 weeks.We have killed 17 bear only one under 100# 5 under 200# 8 over 200# 3 0ver 300# average waight 217# so far this year.Out of the 11 hunters that didn't kill 10 see bear 8 took shots and missed.Didn't have to good a first week with the dogs But thats dogs.
Pictures coming soon.
O and I had to cut A cub bear out of one of my bait berrels with a axe and let him go.
Beleave it or not A 4" hole is big enugh for a cub to get his head through and not back out.
been a good season here to tobe. we have taken 38 bear out of 62 hunters so far with 146 sighted. all have been on the smaller size averageing around 180 pounds. we took two this past week with hounds but the crazy weather temp. made it slower than normal. good luck i got one more week of bait huntin with a very large group this week. maybe get a few more.

You been using any new hounds? Just wondering if your gettin a chanch to be able to see if they are gonna work out for ya. Shoot I haven't even had a chance to go bear hunting this fall. Shoulda left my dogs at Gatomans house last spring......then they would have kept a little sore footed anyway. BUT BY HECK I am going kitty huntin in a couple or no work :D :D Good luck on finishing out your hunters Tobey
Its really good to see you guys posting about your hunts.
What a season you all seem to be having ,thats alot of bears ,cant wait to see all your pictures.