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Bear Baiting


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May 8, 2001
Let me begin by saying this site rules..
Im fairly new at this but went thrue all
the posts and most of my questions got answered. I sitll have a few....
Ill be hunting over a bear bait in
Northern Ontario.
1) How far from somebody else's bair bait should I be? 100m, 1km, 5km ?
2) Which caliber would be better
6.5x55 or .303 and which grain?
3) Not allowed to carry a side arm here,
should I be worried about being ambushed by a bair while baiting my site...I will be hunting alone, which precautions should I take while out at my bait site..

Thanks for the info...All you guys here
are awesome (helpful).....
Welcome to Moosies Virt!!!!! Glad ya came over here , and hope ya stay awile!! I dont know much about your area, but where I live I like to be at least 10 miles from the nearest bait, and still I have bears that go from our baits to other folks baits.. I would say the farther the better, for here but that doesnt help for your area and bear population....I would say the 303 would be better, with a heavy bullet. Precautions---Just dont take a bath in Honey!!! :D:D bcat
Virt - Welcome to the site!!!!

Although this is my second year at baiting, I have learned a few things... I also work with Moosie, and he has been doing it for a while.

There are two other bait sites within a mile of ours, one is a friend of mine. We have had hound hunters run past our site. Even with all this, we are still getting bears moving in. Haven't seen one this year yet, but heard one in the bushes. I was kind of worried about the other sites and hound hunters, but the bears are still hungry, and will come in.

As far as protection, I carry a S&W .44 mag. The only thing is I have to hit what I am aiming at or else it doesn't matter!!! :)

Good luck with the bear hunting

Elk Turd

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you can look at it in a couple of ways. with alot of stations around, you have a wide variety of food, plenty to tease a bear, on the other hand it means alot more hunters could be moving about and scaring the bears. 6 in 1 hand, half dozen in the other. My buddy has a station (I dont bait) in one night he had 7 bears come in. he has about 5 different sites within a mile of his. Another friend shot one bear and while he was skinning it, a larger bear came in and he shot that one too. a 3rd bear came in and he had to scare it away. his stand was the only one around.

AS for going to and exiting the stand, keep your eyes open and be ready.

I'd pick the 303 also.
BAITING HUH ?~?~? Well I do a bit but THIS year we're getting Skunked!!!! So I might not be the best.. BUT Welcome to the site and here goes my Answers :D:D

1. Well in Idho There are no restrictins on how far to be. I know guys that bait in the same canyon. The bad thing about that is bears get picky and you have to have the Krem de' la Krem to keep them at your site. If you are useing good stuff.. I.E. SWEET things then You have a good chance. I know Dedicated bear hunters that Travel far off the road miles from everyone else and know that they have better luck. I don't put in that much time/effort so I deal with other baiters and/or houndsman. I would think that the further away you are the better. Also try to find a spot that hasn't been baited and get out some "SMELLY" stuff to bring them in. So I would say that 1KM (0.62137 miles or 3280.84 feet) might be good but I would try more like 5 MIles if ya can... THATS 8.04672 KM for you "NORTHERN FOLK" :D:D

2. I'm not a Caliber man. I shoot a 300 win mag and thats it.. So I'll let someone else Answer ya on that one

3. We never have had ANY problems with BLACK bear on my site or in the woods. I have "JUMPED" bear off the site and have had seen bear while Spot/Stalk and the bear here at least would definetly want to walk/run away then stick around any more then you want them to. I bring a bow to the site when I go and don't bring a handgun even though I am Allowed to. If you go back in were bears aren't as scared as they are here ya might have some hold "TIGHT" there ground but You should be OK. I think That Spooking a bear or a Mother and Cub are the only worries you should have.

WHAT are you useing for bait and Post a picture of your site when Ya get it up...... WELCOME TO Moosie's Virt!!!!!!!
Moosie you sure did'nt stick around to long this morning, brad said ya was up there, I think you might need something little more stinky yourself, drove right by your bait and did'nt smell a thing
Thanks again for the all help...
Sorry about the km instead of miles,
Thanks again for the all help...
Sorry about the km instead of miles,
Force of habit......Ill post a picture of my site when I start...and hopefully Ill post a picture of a bear in the fall....
Ill be using mostly donuts and bread
I have to do a honey and bacon burn...
That's all I here about are these burns, I
want to see If they work well....
I will be getting some deep fryer grease to
spread around the site also...
Its kind of funny....You guys might laugh but when I hunt moose, deer, partridge in the fall I used to come across alot of bear baiting sites...All I could smell was deep fryer grease....I asked a friend what that smell was and he responded that the bears
frequenting the bait site smelled like every time I smeled deep fryer grease out in the bush I would get a little
worried because I thought a bear was near..
I guess not..................
VIRT, I was ONLY messing with ya on the KM instead of MILES.... I do Design Drafting and ALL the Roads we do are in Metric.... No worries here :D

I will bring a post to the top for you to View. It's called "SELECTING A BAIT SITE"

If you change your Viewer to the last year instead of only the last 20 days (DEFAULT) then you can see MANY topics on bear hunting...

Here is some little bears I've kilt in Idaho.... click on

Here is another one for What to use for bait....
I know you where just fooling around with the km....
I already went thrue all the posts since the strarting thanks....
That's funny, I also make maps for a living...
Im a GIS Analyst for a large forestry company
here....It helps to have access the maps, airphotos, satelite imagery of all my hunting spots......
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