Bait for Coons


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Feb 8, 2001
I have been trying to trap a coon for about two weeks straight the only thing I have cought was a squiral, A big one at that LOL.
thanx for any help.

I like sardines.They have a lot of smell.You can take a couple out and put them outside the trap.Sprinkle some of the juice around the trap too.Put the rest,including the can in the back of the trap.It has worked well for me in the past.
Rky mt oy, I was going t say something like that too earlier. Het I don't know many. On first name basis with 3. One is a hell of a nice guy.

If you use sardines here you can expect to catch a skunk also, peanut butter and jelly sandwich works good I hear, some like to use sweet feed for horses, marshmellows also seem to work.
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It seems to me that you need to set your trap where the coons are.If you have gone severall weeks with out any there's probly not any there to be cought :D Coons are very inquisative and will go for any bait sweet or stinky they got to check it out.Good luck
Have you guys ever heard of this? I heard a story that you could drill a hole in a log,drive nails at an angle into the hole and put something shiny at the bottom of the hole, the racoon will try to grab it and when he does the nails stop him from pulling out his paw, and he is to stupid to let it go. Any one ever heard of this.
Try this peel a banana and rap it lightly in tin foil mash part of the banana so it smells SWEET maybe even a little of some berry extract. the key is you want a sweet smell...... place it behind the pan (Cage trap) get some cracker jacks and trail them into the trap from out about 20 feet. not alot just a couple every foot or so....Stay way from the sardines they will draw skunks As well as coon. I have taken many coon with sweet smells and the only skunk was when someone tried to help me out and thru the trout guts in side my trap.....good luck... it it dont work for ya e-mail me and ill tell ya what commercial bait i use as well
Thanx Wolfer my cage is a double door so my pan is in the mid. but I will give it a shot.

Wolfer good to see ya again!!! Jason try some tunafish...corn on the cob works as does three way showflake... I would say Wolfer had some real good advise with the commercial coon bait too, but I was always to cheap to buy any. Now we dont have very many coons left anyway, and when i set a trap all I catch is barn cats!!!:D: I got a friend in Centennial that is gonna trap 4 coons out of his yard, three females and a ,male, and we are gonna try to get em going again here. Remeber this tiume of year the females have younguns that arent out of the nest yet!! Just a thought in case ya catch a female.... Good luck Jason....bcat

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marshmallows work the best for me. Used sardines and tunafish, always caught the neighbors cat or a skunk. Went to marshmallows haven't caught a skunk or cat since. The nicest part is they are so easy to use.
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