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BAckpacking list... revised per New information


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
So... I've been looking at this new List I was sent and thought.... YOU know, I might just not have enough stuff on my BACKPACKING hunt.... I mean hell, that list was only for 3 days, My backpacking list is for 9 !!!! So We went back to the Drawing board and Revised my list and I bought 2 new backpacks to put them in.

Please take the time to Review my new list and See if I have any Over kill or left something out !!!! Thanx in Advance... PLEASE only "SERIOUS" responses please. I'm tiered of all the Smart alec's on the net ;)


1. Shelters:

3 Room Dome Tent . (14x18x7) Sleeps 8
3 Room Dome Tent (9x14x6) Sleeps 6
*3 Room Wing Tent Sleeps 12
*1 Room Dome Tent (7x9x5) Sleep 2 to 4 (4 each)
Canvas "A" Frame Tent (7x9x8) Sleeps 3
One man pup tent (2 each)
12 x 12 Screen Tent
15 x 15 Dining Fly
Privacy shelter/shower stall
10 x 10 tarps (3 each)

2. Cooking/Kitchen Gear

*2 Burner Coleman Propane Stoves (3 each)
*2 burner coleman white gas stove (2 each)
1 burner butane stove (3 each)
1 burner backpack butane stove
1 burner backpack propane stove
1 burner backpack sterno stove
1 burner backpack hexamine stove
1 burner backpack alcohol stove
Coleman stove top oven
coleman stove top toaster
Campfire stand alone grill grates (2 each)
14 inch cast iron skillet w/lid
10 inch cast iron skillets (2)
10 inch cast iron sillet with lid
10 inch cast iron fat free skillet
10 inch cast iron griddle
10 inch stainless steel skillet
12 inch non-stick skillets (Beaten to death)(2)
8 inch cast iron skillet
3 compartment cast iron breakfast (bacon and egg) skillet
nonstick pancake griddle (2)
Cast Iron 4 IN 1 double skillet/Dutch oven
Cast iron oval roaster Number 7
14 inch Chuck Wagon
12 inch Chuck Wagon (2)
2 quart Dutch oven
5 inch Dutch (camp) oven
10 inch Potjie Spider
14 inch Dutch Oven (2)
10 inch Dutch Oven (5)
14 quart aluminum pots w/lids (2)
12 quart stainless steel lobster pot with strainer/steamer partition (2)
32 quart food preparation/storage bowl
14 quart food preparation bowls (2)
10 quart food preparation bowls (2)
Cutting boards (4)
knife sets (3)
kitchen utensil set (100 items)
serving plates with utensils (12 settings)
10x10 baking pans (4)
Cast Iron corn Stick Pan
9" pie pan (3)
Deep Dish Pizza Pan for Cobblers
Roasting/Serving pans 11 1/2 inch by 15 1/4 inch(3 each)
Four man Aluminum Cooking kits (2)
1 man aluminum/ stainless steel cooking/mess kits (5)
Plastic Dish pans (4), sponges, towels, cleaning products
Sanitation kit
Garbage Collection Bags
8 cup percolator
12 cup percolator
12 cup percolator/boiler
manual coffee grinder
30"x70" Wooden food preparation table with storage shelf
3x5 steel food preparation table
2 x 5 dining table
3 x 6 dining table
54 quart ice chest (6)
6 pack size cooler (4)
8 pack size DC refrigerator
Coleman Hi Stand
Dry Goods/spice Chuck Box (3 Gallon)(3 each)
Fuels Chuck Box (3 Gallon) (2 each)
Canned Goods Chuck Box (3 Gallon) (3 each)
Utensil Chuck Box (3 Gallon) (2 each)

******* Civil War Re-Enactment Gear******
mid nineteenth century water dipper/ladel
mid nineteenth century coffee boiler (35 cup)
mid nineteenth century enamel dish pan
mid nineteenth century enamel pan
mid nineteenth century enamel drinking cup
mid nineteenth century 10 inch Spyder fry pan
mid nineteenth century galvanized wash tub
mid nineteenth century pitchers (2)
mid nineteenth century corked bottles (8)
mid nineteenth century corked clay jug
mid nineteenth century crock bowls (4)
mid nineteenth century wicker baskets (8)
mid nineteenth century butcher knives (4)
hand made bull horn handle and brass Bowie knife
mid nineteenth century tea service(4)
mid nineteenth century silver plate service (for 12)
Wooden forks and spoons (8 each)
galvanized spatula
pot skimmer
mortise and pestel
ceramic water pitcher and wash basin
rustic cherry wood cutting board
3x6 foot white cedar food preparation table and shelf
3 gallon galvanized buckets (3)
folding camp stool

3. Heating/Lighting
5000 BTU Propane Catalytic Heater
3000 BTU Propane Catalytic Heater
55,000 BTU Kerosene Torpedo
15,000 BTU Kerosene Heater/Stove
10,000 BTU Kerosene Heater/Stove
*Propane Lanterns (3)
*White gas lanterns(2)
*Battery Powered Lanterns (2)
*Hi Beam Spot Lights (3)
Kerosene Lamps (3)
Kerosene lanterns (4)
*Four Cell Mag Lites (3)
*Mini Mag lites (6)
Streaming LED Lights with color filters (2)
snake light
*Tap Lights (6)
Battery Table Lamps (2)
Candle lanterns (2)

4. Miscellaneous
Folding recliners (2)
folding chairs (10)
Stack Chairs (4)
Pack Cots (2)
Folding Oversize Camp Cot w/matress
Sleeping bags, adult (4)
Sleeping bag, child (4)
ground pads (2)
shower and stall
3 gallon water containers (6)
Boom Box with CD player
DC black and white 5inch television (2 each)
Set Up Chuck Box (3 Gallon)
*Rods and reels (10)
Fanny and belt pack (15 pound capacity)
Day Pack (20 pound capacity)
Long Range Back Pack (75 pound capacity) 4 (two with frames)
Well stocked first aid kit
fire extinguishers (4)
Hand axe (2)
back pack saws (2)
Bow saws (2)
folding shovels (2)
Multi channel radios (2)

Pre-Pack Bucket Inventory: (White plastic watertight multi-purpose buckets)
(These may be used for seats, table legs, shelf supports, or any purpose intended for a bucket as well as to pre-pack and organize gear.)
K-1 Herbs and Spices (Large variety plus boullion and tea).
K-2 Fuel for Cook Stoves, Lanterns, and Heaters Propane. Butane, and Sterno
(This nomenclature may be composed of several buckets, ergo K-2P (Propane) K-2B (Butane) K-2C (Charcoal) K-2S (Sterno) K-2K (Kerosene) K-2WG (White Gas))
K-3 Staple Dry Goods (Coffee Service includes pot and cups sugar and creamer)
K-4 Staple Dry Goods (Dry provisions flour, sugar. sweetener corn meal, dry milk, baking powder, baking soda, etc.
K-5 Staple Dry Goods Grains (Rice and beans 6 to eight pounds each)
K-6 Dehydrated Foods for Back Packing or General Use
K-7 Canned Meats
K-8 Dry Beans (50 lbs)
K-9 Staple Canned Goods
K-10 Recipe Bucket(K-10M Monday, K10-T Tuesday, etc. pre-packed for recipes minus cold storage or found) One bucket for one or more days.
K-11 Staple Dry Goods Fresh Foods Storeable As Is (Potato, Onion,Other Root Vegetable, etc.
BP-1 Back Packing Gear (Individual Mess Kits)
BP-2 Emergency Standard Items (First Aide through Radio)

Here is the Picture of my 2 New BAckpacks that I'm using... I'm not sure if the Stuff will fit but I think it will be close ;)

Cannons...I don't see no freakin' cannons :mad: :mad: What kind of a pansy yankee camp are you running there boy ????

...the guy should have his ass kicked...
After careful consideration, I have determined that you need more food. After all you have to feed that army that drug all that shit back off road for you.
Did not see the following must have items:

Batteries 100 D cell, 2 12v deep cycle
Propane fuel 5 gallon pigs - 4
Kerosene 55 gal drum
5 kw Generator
Gasoline for generator 25 gals
Margarita mix
Exotic dancers
Boom box
musical selection

What's a sheep hunt without exotic dancers?
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