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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I'm guessing there is alot of "INPUT" out there. Once again, I'm open to Suggestions. Here is my Menu for my Sheep hunt. It's an 8 day hunt. My food will be around 10#'s after I thow in what I posted before and 2 dehydrated deserts. :

Breakfast :

Will be either :
Peanut butter tortillas (Shrink wrap) Wt. 4 oz. 410 Cal
Mountain House Eggs/bacon Wt. 2.5 oz. 350 cals



Lunch :

1 snickers, fruit rollup, 4 candies, beef jerky (1.5 oz), cheese stick Wt. 6.5 Oz 695 Cals.


Dinner :

Mountain house variety Wt 5-6 oz. 600 cals +-


It's about 1700 Calaries per day. Sounds a little light since my normal Diet is around 3,500 ;) but Weight wise it's about 16 Oz or weight per day.

Any thoughts ?
AND .... AND ,, Without a COKE or Pepsi....

I tried to Wheene myself from pop, Or I'm working on it.. Today I only had 1 can for Breakfast, a 44 Oz late morning, a 32 oz for lunch and a 16 oz for dinner...... OK , OK , And 1 more can when I watch a Movie tonight... But other then that, I'm not drinking POP :eek: :eek:
MAybe I could Throw in a Battery operated Blender for shakes into T-bones PAck since it's at my house right now ?!?! ;)

Instant Chocolate Shake.... MAN, I would pay for that
I think you need more Calories. You will be burning 3 times what you normally do, and only be consuming 1/2. My guess is you will be in trouble.

Cut the Snickers out, as for a week, you should be able to eat right. Take more Jerkey, find a Power Bar that you like. The Cookies and Creme is dang good, so is Wild Berry....

Take 30 yards of fishing line and a couple of spinners, and catch some fish in that lake. If you need a pole, just use a limb.

Swing out by the Fruit Stands out here by me, and buy a 1/2 bushel of Peaches, and dry them. YOu can pack a lot of calories, without weight. Much better than those candies you are packing. The Dried fruit will fill you up, and that will help you to not think you are hungry.

If it were me, I would plan on eating Back Straps from Sheep, but you probably shouldn't count on that.... ;)
I figure Snickers are jsut as MAny Calories as them Cliff/Power/SHit BArs every Tree huggin Lamma licking Grass eater buys. And they tend to taste about 30 times better or more ;)

I didn't think of the Fruit thing. I have a Dehyrdator, I'll look into that. Thanx.

What, No suggestion on Oatmeal ?!?!?! ;)

On the Fishing..... If I'm not hiking, I'm glassing, Sun up - Sun Down. the only time I'm looking elsewere is when I'm checking out T-bone taking a Bath
Although I hear some people go Crabbing instead Errrrr... "While" bear hunting and do OK doing that
Power Bar has nutrition and calories.... Snickers has calories. You need both nutrition and Calories.

The dehydrated fruit is the way to go this time of year. The pears are also on out here. And Watermelon makes the best candy.

Don't forget Tang and instant cocoa.


Smear some honey on that tortilla too.

Also take some Country Time instant gravy mix. Break up some tortillas into small pieces to make a passable substitute for biscuits & gravy, which is lightweight and full of calories.

Then take some Everclear in a hip flask, to put in the Tang. It's really disgusting tasting. But after the first one it doesn't matter.

Instead of Tang I'm gunna bring in Crystal Light. It breaks up the Chitty Watertaste...

Oatmeal ?!?! Over rated !! I'd rather Eat Grasshoppers.. And I might just do that ;)

Honey on the Tortilla ? Great Idea. I'll add it to my Tortillas next week when I make them.

I'm not bringing any thing else to Cook besides the Dinners. I think it's easier to Keep everything clean if I Don't dirts the PAn. I won't be near Water so I don't want to waste any cleaning pans. when you hike 1 gal of water 2 miles Up hill it kind of Hurts watching it wash out some Left over Gravey out on the pan ;)

Also, NO Whiskey, No Everclear. Just a Personal thing.

I might pack in 2 watermellons though :rolleyes:
I have heard that the rule of thumb is to have 100 cal. per ounce so you a right on the money there.

You may feel hungry but still have enough calories to continue to push yourself. I may be size large now but I spent 10 days in the German Alps going to German Ranger Survival School in 1988, humping all my military gear and only had about 1,500 cal. a day, I survived just fine. We don't need as much food as we think we need. It is more of a mind over matter thing. It sounds like staying properly hydrated would be a bigger concern me. Feeling hungry is often a sign you just need a good drink.

You big pussie......on my sheep hunt we ate grass and drank our own piss.....tricks I learned from Elkchasr's survival page just before my gotta get tough Moosie :rolleyes:
Moosie, if you want some added vitamins and great energy, take some bee pollen with you. It weighs next to nothing and is one of the best complete food sources for vitamins that you will find.
I'm surprised you're not living off the land. Got a wrist rocket sling shot for some grouse? I'd be sure to have fishing line and hooks, maybe a few flies. Catch some grasshoppers or turn over rocks to find worms. That stuff won't weigh much and can supply lots of great tasting food after you've been eating that freeze dried crap for a few days. Use a branch for a pole. Don't forget the fishing license.
Thanx for the Input. I'll file most of it away "somewere" ;)

Elkhunter, I'm adding Honey to my Tortilla/peanut butter wraps. Thanx for the thought though bud !!

Ithica, If I thought you were serious I'd slap you :rolleyes: I would rather eat Freeze Dried food then Fish or definately Grouse any day !!! And why in the world would I sit over a Lake Fishing when I could be hunting. Fishing on a Tight schedule opnce in a lifetime hunting trip ? Whats wrong with you people !!!!

Thats as Bad as bringing Cooking oil and Frying pans !!!! Have you guys ever left the truck ?!?! :D :D

I figure by night two, you'll be eating fresh mutton, right ?
Although I'm not that Optimistic, being a Realist, I'm glad you have faith in me brotha !!!

I agree that I wish Elchsr was here to tell me what Grass's to eat and what knick knick berry taste better with whuch Pine needle. But since he's not, I'll fall back and Suffer with Dried food and real lunch's ... If I don't make it you all can say I told you so... :rolleyes:
You ought to seriously look at that MooseGoo stuff. That sounds like it might be pretty stable, and may avoid the need for the Tortillas, where you have the Corn Flour (masa harina) mixed in.

That Ultralight backpacker's site where that came from was pretty good. Those guys that are into the Fast Ultralight packing are pretty clever and shrewed.

As for Ithica's and mine suggestion about fishing, it might be good for a "mental break", in that having some other task to keep you busy for a few hours sometime, when you are getting discouraged maybe worth while. Not that you might get discouraged, but the mental part will be 70% of the pain.

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