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Back from Paunsaugunt-PICS!!


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Sep 18, 2002
I took this buck last week down on the Paunsaugunt in southern Utah. I spotted him feeding in a clear cut and was able to sneak within 35 yards for a perfect double lung shot. He made it about 60 yards after the hit. He is 28" wide with good mass. His forks are pretty weak, but he is my best buck to date with a bow, so I was extremely happy with him.

I did miss a bigger buck that was a good 4" wider and 5-6" taller than this one, but let's not talk about that

I hope the picture shows up!!
Thats what I'm talking about !!!!! Kickin' "A" and taking names. I can't quite make out the Logo on the Hat in the Picture But I'm sure it is one

Kudos on a Fine buck. Looks like ya started the season off for us, Now we need to follow your lead !!!!
Nice buck UT. Sounds like a great hunt, except for the uh um...miss.

I can't blame you. If he was that much bigger than this one, I probably would have forgotten to put the arrow on the string.
Nice Bucks!! Man those pics got me pumped up for the north Kaibab hunt, 1 day to go.
Yes that is one fine buck! ive heard and seen pics of some monsters on the ponsaugant[poor spelling] good job.