Baby is here....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
7.4 Pounds, Born around 5:15PM Connor Lane.

Mom and baby doing fine after a little scare but all is well.... Just got off the phone with Mike !!!!
Well thats good news :D Moosie....Now how about the other part
A Hunter or a Huntress

RIGHT ON!!! Way to go team! Another young hunter enters the world today!

Congrats and get some well needed rest!
Thanks everybody!
Just ran home for a quick shower and food and back to the hospital.
Mom and Baby are doing great.

The baby came really fast, the nurse had just checked her and said that we still had a ways to go, less than 2 min later the little sucker was out of there. :eek: The nurse was running in total panic mode, yelling for the doc, :eek: by the time he ran into the room the babies head was out, it took him about ten seconds to finish the delivery. There for a second I thought I was going to have to catch him myself. :D :D

Thanks again.
Proud Poppa.

pics soon.
Great!!!!!!!!!!! Now remember, for these pictures, don't hold the little critter by the ears! :D The fun times are just beginning, I wish I could start over, Just kidding!
:D My first one went like that. Doctor had his back to me putting on his gloves. The nurse yelled doctor, doctor. He whipped around, threw his gloves to the side and grabbed my boy.

Funny thing is, he hasn't done a thing quickly since then. We call it Mitchell standard time. He's a great kid. Things you ask him to do get done, just in twice the time it takes anyone else to do it.

I'll echo everyone else. Make sure and get some rest. Goodness knows when they get back from the hospital, neither you or Tara is likely to get any real sleep for awhile.
Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad you couldnt of held out just one more day!!! Then he would have shared his with me.... ok now 44th person I know that has a birthday in Nov. Well not realy know, but know of.
pic of baby

here is a pic of the baby he is about 2 hours old.


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another pic

here is a better pic


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Congratulations Tara and Michaelr on the new addition to your family. He's a fine looking baby boy. All the best to ya'll from DixieLady and hambone