AZ Unit 10, Big Boquillas Ranch.. UPDATE!


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Dec 18, 2000
Mesa, AZ
Talked with Tim Pender again today. Seems there is a problem between the Navajo who own Boquillas and the Cholla Land and Cattle Co. who operate it on a lease with the Navajo people. The tribe says open it up and Cholla says no. As it stands today, most of the ranch is open and it's all accessable. Access to any part of the ranch can be had if you are familiar with the side roads in. The road that crosses Red Lake from Round Mountain/Mt. Floyd is open. The roads from Hoffman Camp and Pica Camp are both locked. The Rhoades Canyon road is locked at the Green Gate (Swimming Hole Tank) but access is open from the north and east sides of the ranch. The west side, near Robbers Roost and the entire Aubrey Valley is open. Tim said he's been seeing lots of Elk and a few big bulls north of Rose Well and Black Tank.

If anyone has a tag in Unit 10 and wants additional info, drop me an email..