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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
OK, I put in this year for giggles even though I really didn't think I would draw...

I was hoping for a "PREF" point for Future Drawing.....

NOW, I go to their website And look up if I drew or not, (Which I know I didn't).. BUT then click on the PREF POINTS part....

I got 0 points for everything accross the board. DID I goof in the Ap somehow and not Purchase a pref point ? DID anyone else pay VIA website and have this issue ? Lemme know, THANX. !!!
Did they charge your card with a license fee???

If not....preference points will = 0
So... We had to buy a license ? in order to get a point ? Is that how it worked ?

Is that what you did Flipper ?
I thought about buyin a point but then thought about Dean [DKO] already havin 800+$$ worth of AZ points and thought to myself........if I wanted to buy a hunt I would go on Ebay and get a New Mexico tag.

In Arizona, all applicants (non-res. AND Res.) had to have purchased a hunting license if they wanted to earn an additional bonus point for next year's drawing (if they were unsuccessful this year). See the 2002 Ariz. hunt regs, page 59 under "Bonus Point System," Section B, #2.

Sorry you didn't get a tag this year --- neither did I. Just to give some of you non-residents a feeling for how hard it can be to get drawn (even for us residents), as an archer I'll have 5 points for elk next year myself ...

Moosie, i had 5 points going in this year and cant draw an archery tag even. I got a few points when i was deer hunting down there and bought a few. Now that they raised the price from 85 to 113$ they can kiss my whits ass! They sent me a hunting harvest survey every year i deer hunted and instead of telling them what i killed i wrote a letter on it telling them to kiss my ass ! and asked them why i should fill out the survey for free after i spent 85$ for a liscens i wont use and then they wanted 3$ to send me the regs in the mail on top of it. I told them to send the regs out with the survey for free and maybe i would fill out the survey. Gee, i wonder why i dont get a tag??????
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