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AZ Javelina draw??

The submittal deadline is usually in the middle of October and the tags mailed out the first or second week of December. Check in the hunt regs.

This year, the deadline for application is October 15 and the tags are mailed by nov. 22.


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So Del does that include that elusive Kaibab deer also......if it does why do so many try to draw that tag???? :D
The Kaibab hunt is over the count tag for archery only.
Any rifle season is by draw:(
The also only have a short does season up there. They have way too many does and should limit the size and number of bucks taken from that area.
Maybe say 4 pointer or less for 2 years to help the bigger bucks survive and become real trophies.
Whats really messed up is that I just sold my bow last year when I was in school and now cant afford to get a new one :( One of these days I will win the lottery and money wont be a problem :D We should get a bunch of Az boys to put in for the same area and get a HuntTalk Jav hunt going!! What ya think??

count me in on that. It would be good to have a video of what not to do while hunting

Just kidding, look forward to hunting or fishing with you all.

BTW lipripper, we'll be at unit 4001 on Jan 1st for turkey in 2005 @ 4 am. See you there???

;) :D :D :D
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