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Az hunting pics


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Nov 28, 2001
somewhere other than AZ :(

The story behind these are as follows:
The bottom two are a cow elk that a friend got 3.5 miles back up in 5A north diablo canyon area 3 years ago. Cow elk weighing approximately 480 pounds dressed. It took 4 of us to pack it out. I am in the back carrying the rear leg and hind quarter.
The mound of dirt next to us is a large water tank.(side note: the same guy took another one in the same area two years later and then there were only two of us to haul it out) Logged 25 miles hiking that day.

The 3 deer are from the Kaibab about 4-5 years ago and were all taken by 8 am on the 2nd day. Did that because some nasty weather was moving in and one of the guys mother was real sick and we had to leave after only 3 days. We left the morning after these were taken. Mine (on the right)was the largest a 3x4 with 20" spread, only dressed out @ 125lbs.
COOL PICTURES and Story !!!!!!! Always Like to read a hunting story, And It's even better when a picture of a critter or two are in the frame :D :D !!
Great pics. The elk pics look like the area east of the road from the Flying M to Two Guns. Between the road and the Canyon. There are lots of elk in there. Most folks can't fing them though. Is that rise in the background just east of Anderson Mesa??

Big Dan,
You are so close

Actually, we are 7.1 miles south of I-40 on the two guns road and yes we are on the east side of that road.
You've been down there b4 I take it

Notice a road that goes west and east, and if you take it east you come to a big tank within a 100 yards or so..
Keep going 3.5 miles east to the end of that canyon and stay to the left fork, that is the area we hiked out of. Both elk I talked about, 2 yrs apart were taken within 50 yards of each other down that canyon. Not many bulls in that canyon, lots of cows.
The last year we hunted there, I heard some idiot took a bison :( thinking it was a cow over by the buffalo ranch. Man were there G&F people everywhere that day. I hope they fried that person.

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I know exactly where the tank is you mention. I also know about the water hole between the tank and the canyon. That's a great place to hunt. I've sent a couple of people down there and they haven't seen anything. Blind I guess. That's where a friend and I took four young men on their first Elk hunt. Figuring on getting one or two cows in five days, they fooled us. We had four dead cow elk by noon on the first day. We were cleaning and butchering and boning elk until 12:30 that night. A lot of fun but a lot of work.

Well, you know me Bill. Just an old whore. If anyone wants to pay for the info, let me know. I'll be happy to charge them...

I might need your help for this area, please.
Got drawn for late nov bull hunt 5 B North.

I have never hunted this area for bulls that late in the season.
Any new areas I should concentrate on?
Thanks in advance.

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