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ATVs and hunting this year


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well as usual, when one goes out hunting, you run into an ATV from time to time. All we ever hear about the ATV is how much they do wrong. Well this year seemed to be a little different where I hunt. I did see a lot of ATVs, no doubt. But this is the first year I recall seeing them all act responsibly. Never did I see one driving fast. Never did I see one leave the trail for anything more that game recovery. Never did one act irresponsble in the prescence of my horse. Everytime we encountered them they pulled over and turned off their machine. It was another year with ATVs but a year of hunters using them like they should and not a one giving a bad name to users. Just thought I would post something besides all the negatives and give credit to the hunters I did see using them this year.
Was wondering......from the pics you post, the pics the Idaho guys post....How can a atv ruin your hunt, unless you are hunting a logging road????

Because from the pics I have seen....that is some steep, nasty terrain, that I would not..could not ride a atv on without risk to my life???


BTW...good story :D
Where we hunt is near a FS road and ATV accessable. I can and do sometimes hunt in some nasty ass places. But I also hunt in places that are easily accessable to an ATV. An ATV can easily get to where I do just about all of my elk hunting. There is a closure, but in the past they have driven past the closure. In the past they have also swn little respect for other hunters whether they be on foot or horseback. Not that I am in favor of ATVs in the field, but it was nice to see them being used like they should be. When the FS updated the maps here in 1998, it allowed the use of ATVs where previously it did not and the old logging roads and fire roads are easy access for them. Where I hunt, I go in on an old fire road from the 88 fires. It is 3 miles on this road to where the closure is. The road is basicly closed from a mud slide back in 1995, but an ATV can cross the old slide.
Ya big pansy

All this time I have been reading these stories about these 8-15 miles "back" hunting have been driving 6-12 of these miles :D :D :D

And here I have been thinking that I would never be in good enough shape to hunt out west :rolleyes:
You see, that is where you are wrong. From the slide it is an 8 mile ride on horseback to where I tie up the horse. From the old closure I go back at least 5 miles. If I go to one of my other spots it is another 2 miles. So come on out if you think you can handle it ;)

I still remember you saying,"I have only one horse."
So not a chance.....well unless I can bring my ATV :D
Rent one! I will have your ass in the saddle for 16-20 miles a day. But at least where I camp we will be camping in comfort, heat, stove, fridge, running water, beer, beer, beer, open fire and did I mention beer. ;) You get you butt out here and we can arrange a horse for you, even if the horses name is Redneck
Elkhunter,it's nice to hear something good about hunter's using ATV's.

This year in Idaho they stated in the paper what area's they were going to be
patroling to stop illegal riding.
They are finally going to be giving this some much needed inforcment,with the area's known for having the biggest problem's.
When I picked up new travel plan map's , they asked if we were using motorcycle's or ATV's ,this is the first time I have every been asked.
They had alot of hand out on how to ride ,where to ride ,what trail's were open etc.
While talking about the problem's they said they were really trying to work on it ,(nail down the problem area's and open more trail's for ATV use,while still closing road's and area's to protect game animal's.
I have never seen so much time and effort being put into the trail system by BLM,Forest Service and fish & game.
Finally all the hard work the club's have been doing ( and the complant's)of the legal rider's and non rider's is paying off.
MD, it really was nice to see the non abuse this year. I have been up there for 3 weeks and I did not see any abuse. This is the first year that I did not see any. I know that anyone who uses an ATV must get tired of reading nothing but negatives, this year I wanted to post some of the positives. I only hope that if this is a trend, it continues.
OK.....I have thought this through for a couple of days now, so email me, or post it here if its NO secret, the area, unit number and I will be there for 2003 hunt.....if drawn. :D

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Flipper, OK if you are really serious, it is a general tag area that I hunt in. You would need to have your application in by the end of January with GEN as the area. We can hook you up with a horse. The elevation where I hunt is 8500-9000 feet, or a 2000 foot gain over 6 miles. So you can see, to get there it is not a steep climb. The season where I hunt is from September 26 - October 31. It is any elk except for the last week which is bull only, which started this year, so I do not know how it would read next year. In the past the entire season was any elk.
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