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Asshole deep in elk........



Me and my son went out to meet Buzz Saturday morning to see if we could help call in a bull and get some video of bugling....

...long story 10am we had no luck at all.....then got in a place that was holding elk. Called in a 6x6 to 25 yards...awsome bugling on video as well as him raking trees right in front of Buzz....but no shot through the thick shit, and the wind betrayed us suddenly.

From 10am til 2 pm we worked 6 bulls and saw probably 50 elk...on all sides of us as we slowly stalked through the timber.....they were everywhere and we couldn't help but bump them. It is truely miraculous that Buzz never got the shot on a good bull that morning......shit just happens. But man, it was a blast and my 15 year old son got to witness his first up close and personal bugling...maybe he will get hooked on hunting again ;)
Thats fun chit huh, I hadem in my face all last week and never tagged (did slap one across the belly with an arrow and never even drew blood!)


Just got word from Buzz he smoked a bull this morning..the last day he could bowhunt!

He was in doing some coordinance work I asked him to do for me with his GPS, and it all just clicked. He was in the same spot we were Saturday...and once again he was asshole deep in elk.....all around him he said.

I'll let him tell it like it was......
Elky...I'm just showing some restraint ;) ......trying to take a lesson from Greeny. I have Buzz sworn to silence, and if I told ya much more I'd have to kill ya! :eek:

Really though.....we worked a 6x6 around 10am.....then about 30 minutes later another bull bugles with us for a while...but we bumped a shitload of cows then trashed that deal.....then saw 2 bulls, a raggy and a decent 5x5 about 50 yards away and moving downhill.....he was in bow range of the little raggy..about 20 yards or so, but the better 5x5 was about 40 and in some shit....they finally blew out of there. So we decided to go a little higher and circl north to try and get ahead of the other bull that bugled.......we were easing along and I said "hey, there is a good bull, and he has no idea we are here!"...he was about 70 yards below us and paralleling as we were. He disappeared without a trace and we never even had the chance to really call him. Only about 15 minutes later and a few hundred yards we found some great sign, and were logging it in the GPS.....and I said man, look at what a great shooting lane for about 1oo yards below us"..and Buzz says "yeah, and two bulls just stepped in it!" We called and one wanted to come but the bigger dragged him off down the hill. This was around 2pm and I felt like had we hit them earlier they would have been in much more of a mood to was late and we had a long ways out.....about 3or 4 hours hike so we started out...and bumped elk the entire way! We literally are lucky we weren't trampled to death.

Now the disclaimer:

"The above elk story took place in a spot that Pug had nothing to do with, and probably has never even seen, way too much work getting in there. I found it while hunting/scouting it alone, and then again with Buzz. Buzz's elk was killed in a 100% Pug-free environment on a fair chase hunt.
The fact that we were miles in on foot away from any horsetrail affirms the fact that it is a Pug-Free zone."
:cool: DS
The only thing I'll add to DS's post is just the specifics.

The hunt was great, public lands, and plenty of elk, no people. Saw a few atv's on the road, but they were too fat and lazy to cross a major drainage and hunt 3 miles from their machines. So, while they all sat on their atv's eating ho-ho's and smelling exhaust fumes, DS and I were surrounded by clear air and elk. I really like roadless/wilderness areas. The pack out was a real fun one too, just like it should be...steep, thick, heavy pack, 6 miles round trip, etc. you got to love it.

The other big thing for me was, I havent hunted elk with a bow for 9 years. I killed one in 92 then the next year had a bad experience. Hit a bull in the shoulder and never recovered it. That tore me up and I really started questioning elk hunting with a bow. I lost confidence and pretty much had given up on bowhunting. Then last fall Dad and I went and shot some new bows, and they shoot so much different than the old ones. Dad bought me one of the new mathews bows for my bday, and after shooting it for a few months I was pretty convinced that I was ready to jump back into the game.

The shot was right at 40 yards, I hit it absolutely perfect right tight behind the shoulder and the arrow buried nearly to the fletch. The elk only went 20 yards, in a quick bolt, and crashed and rolled another 20 yards. Dead in a matter of seconds and my confidence in bow hunting is back on the upswing.

Already looking forward to bowhunting elk next year, when I'll be a lot more selective on size, but spikes eat well. Plus still have deer/elk tags in MT plus deer, antelope, and another cow tag in Wyoming. Seasons still young but off to a fair start.
Way to go, Buzz! Sounds like the new bow and operator performed flawlessly!

Congratulation Buzz.
One of these days I'll have to try one of these new fangled bows. Think I better kill a few more with a thunder stick first.
Remember " Spikes eat best "
Congrats buddy!.....any bull with a bow is a good one!

I only wish me and my son had still been there to help with the pack out......but we only had Saturday and were due back in Co.
It was only a matter of time in there for you to fill the tag........I'm glad it happened for you.
Buzz, that's terrific! Results like that will increase your bow hunting confidence real fast.

Those ATV riders probably think there aren't any elk around! I can just hear them---"The elk must be at lower elevation this year."-- "No elk here. Game and Fish musta harrassed them outta here with airplanes."---"It's been too dry this summer. The elk musta moved somewhere else."----"Damn Game and Fish has mismanaged and ruined the elk hunting."---"The elk must be higher this year." :D :D
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