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Asleep,would you shoot him?


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Sep 3, 2001
VICTORIA Australia
Hey fella`s here is a sambar stag sound asleep in his wallow.The q`s is would you shoot him as is? or would you wait for him to see the eyes of the guy thats gonna shoot him? Ok yeah maybe someone will post that they wouldnt shoot at all--dont bother answering.
You know MJFOP, I put some thought into this question. I think yes, oh he$$ yes. I figure if good enough to locate him and quiet enough to get that close to him without waking him, I figure I would deserve the opportunity to pop him without him ever knowing what hit him. I would just figure I won the game fair and square. My oppinion. GF
You sure he's alive Sambar?! Looks as if he's already expired! Yeah, I'd pop him. Why not?

I wouldnt even think twice about it sambar...

I like sneaking up on bedded bucks and shoot them archery while they are sleeping
got one that way

What a bunch of bushwacking bastards you guys are JUST LIKE ME.I wouldnt think twice about plugging this stag.A few years ago we pulled the 4wd up at a windmill overflow where we might find some pig marks. With the diesel rattling behind me i was astounded that a big pig could be so asleep in the mud and not hear the motor i actually thought the pig was dead even but then a fly on its ear made it flicker so i sneaked back to the truck got a 222 out from the seat back went back and stuck it 1/2 inch from its ear BANG no more flickering from that fugger lol. Maybe guys we can get this thread going a bit more with a few more tales of drygulching and bushwacking. :D :D :D
I would have to put that stag to sleep for good even tho it is sleeping.
A guy that we know over by Elkcamp took a nice 6x6 Bull Elk while it was sleeping in the Sagebrush one year.
I would crawl up on him with my knife in my teeth, and if you ever saw Goodfellas, the part where the guy in the trunk was still alive, then you know what would happen next.
Geez you all really would do that?
Boy and I thought you all were fair chase advocates.(*WINK*)

Me. Heck I wouldnt have grabbed the camera first. The picture I would have taken would have been with me smiling and holding the rack up.
:D :D ;)

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No doubt about it I would shoot .
Fair Chase? Thats about as fair as I see it,if your good enough to sneak up on any animal (in the wild)while its in its bed ,Oh Yeah it dont get no better then that.
One year Steve saw two bucks go into a bedding area, as I sat watching a trail we thought they would come out on he snuck in and cought them both bedded,got to within 20 feet then shot one of them.
The other stood up dropped his head at Steve LOL He spooked him off and it came high tailing it out right where we thought it would.
:eek: :eek: I missed it big time

After I met up with Steve he told me to go look for that buck ,I worked over two ridges and there he was , :D I aimed better the second time.
Almost as quick as I would pop a cap on Bin Laden

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