Yeti GOBOX Collection

Arrows quantities

I just made the switch to carbon....I ended up going to the Easton Epic 340. I bought 3 dozen. that should get me through a couple seasons of hunting and 3D tournys....

Now I have a hodge podge of aluminums to get rid of. Maybe I'll use them for busting sage rats in the rocks or shooting carp.
Too many according to my wife. :D I have about 4 dozen hunting carbons, another dozen tournament carbons, and about 5 dozen swagged aluminums for my tradtional bows. Add my kids arrows and my wife's hunting arrows and.......well you get the picture. Maybe she's right????? :confused:

BOHNTR )))-------------->
i shoot gold tip carbons and no one in town carries them so when i find them i get several dozen so i can split some, break some, robin hood some oh yeah and lose the rest :rolleyes: