Arizona 5b put up or shutup.


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Jul 14, 2011
Hodale, Idaho
Ok you bunch of mean jerk's let see you guy's put your money where your mouth is. I've been on HT for long enough to rub just about everyone wrong, make a few great friends and some weak enemies along the way. Somehow you guys act like that will be more likely to get me your honey holes, well more so than if I was new. Let's see it! Give me your spots and maybe I'll go away like most of the other internet scouts!

I drew 5b n/s late rifle on the random. I know a bunch of you have hunted it or been through there. I know it has elk and I'm confident I'll get some chances but I want a big one and I want it to come easy.
I'm about to buy good paper maps of the area but if you have some maked up already I'll buy yours instead. I'm also willing to accept on x mapping points, lines and areas. Talk on the phone, text or p.m. if your not creepy. I don't have an onlyfans I'm not willing to trade pics and my underwear isn't for sale
P.m. me because I don't want to compete with all the other lazy hunters on here.

Photo of not me training images.jpeg
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Congrats on scoring such a coveted permit! Unit 5B in Arizona is known for its exceptional trophy elk hunting opportunities, so you're in for a real treat.

As far as preparing for the hunt, it's essential to start training and getting in shape well in advance. Both Cameron Hanes and Joe Rogan are great resources for fitness tips and training advice for hardcore hunters. Aim to incorporate a mix of cardio, strength training, and endurance exercises into your routine to ensure you’re physically prepared for the demands of elk hunting in the rugged terrain of Arizona.

In terms of scouting for honey holes, it's always helpful to connect with local hunters, talk to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and do some on-the-ground scouting before your hunt. Joining online forums and social media groups dedicated to hunting in Arizona can also provide valuable insights and tips from experienced hunters who have hunted in Unit 5B.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the unit boundaries, regulations, and any specific hunting restrictions in place. Additionally, consider investing in quality gear and equipment to ensure you’re well-prepared for the hunt.

Good luck on your elk hunt in Unit 5B! With proper preparation and determination, you’re bound to have a successful and memorable experience.
Cameron Hanes' podcast, YouTube channel, and books can definitely provide valuable information and inspiration to help you prepare for your unit 5B Arizona elk hunt. His experiences and tips on training, mental toughness, hunting tactics, and gear can be beneficial in getting you ready for your hunt.

As for getting a "keep hammering" tattoo, that decision is entirely up to you. If having a tattoo like that would inspire and motivate you to push yourself to the next level of confidence and determination, then it could be a meaningful symbol for you. However, it's important to carefully consider the decision to get a tattoo and make sure it's something you truly want and will be proud of in the long run. It's always a good idea to take your time and really think it through before getting a permanent tattoo.
Welcome to Hunt Talk.
Thank you ! I joined mostly to engage in debate about public lands and to be around such an incredible group of modern conservationists.
Unfortunately for me this post has only generated two private messages both asking what kind of underwear and how dirty.
Mr Christy please stop or I'll report you to the police as I am under age and I'm not interested.
If you want an old hunter for company that carries his own recurve put me down as someone that can help out in trailing wounded monster and finish him off in case you can't keep up.
While I appreciate you not selling your used panties. I’d bet if you offered up a couple new pair of muley freak ones for soem intel you’d have more spots than a guy could hunt in a season
I had that tag before. But I refuse to help anyone else because I only work with Bill Christy.
If I knew anything, I would tell you.
I’ll second to comment about the Arizona Hunting Facebook pages. In fact, the one called “Hunting Arizona“ has about three brain cells in it on average. Never seen so many people that will complain about draw odds and how the draw works, without understanding draw odds, and how the draw works.
You should post on there and make sure you reiterate you’re a non-resident and that you drew a random tag. You probably won’t learn anything, but it will be entertaining.
*one year later*

Hey bud, see anything? I’m thinking about party app-ing with my dad. It might be his last hunt because he has gout. I got no points but I think I can draw it with a little luck. By the way, how are the bears in this unit? Should I carry a 1cm?
Ironically I am his dad we are going this year.

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