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Arizona 2015


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Dec 16, 2014
Well against all odds my CC has been hit for a tag. I only had 15 NR points so I was more than a little lucky. Now the wait is on..unit 3A or 9? Going to be a great year!! only took me 17 points and in all those years I only applied for archery.
Did you draw archery, muzzy or rifle ?
I had always planned to draw archery but wasn't planning to go this year so I threw my name in for a rifle tag. Was thinking thinking I would only gain a point but will take the tag!!
I have 21 resident points and could not get drawn again.. Did get hit for an elk tag however..
I sometimes feel guilty after drawing a tag "before my turn". I've draw CO sheep and goat, MT sheep and moose, and WY moose. But then I remember I've gone 34 years without a moose tag in my home state of Maine when there are thousands not hundreds of tags.
utah400elk - Arguably the best tag in the state. I would have told you what I know about your second choice but I've never put boots on the ground in 9. I hope you arrow a monster.
AZ Unit 1! 14 non resident points, but now nearly 72 yo. Plus a couple of friends that know the unit well. Couldn't be better.
wow, i was checking my credit card but forgit I sent in a chec with a paper app.

unit 9 early archery elk with 5 points woo hoo!


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