Archery hog success


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Dec 16, 2000
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I posted this on another forum and wanted to see what kind of response I got here.

I met the group of hunters at the cabin Wednesday night. We planned the next mornings hunt and had a few beers.
Thursday morning started off with a bang. They saw lots of hogs and the first one was arrowed around 8 a.m. She (nice sow) traveled downhill through the thickest, nastiest brush and piled up about 100 yards from where she got hit.

No more action till late that afternoon. 1 hog hit, 3 hours of tracking into the night, he quit bleeding. The hunter went back Friday morning and jumped the boar out of his bed 30 yards from the last sign of blood. Called me and we took the dogs in. Dogs had a hell of a time locating him. I think there was just too much other hog activity in the area for the dogs.
Saturday morning started off pretty good as well. 2 guys hunting together that morning spotted a lone boar about a mile away rooting on a ridge. They made a good stalk and popped up on the ridge 40 yards from him. He didn't present a shot right away. At 60 yards, he presented a quartering away shot and the arrow entered at the back of the ribcage and exited out the back of the front shoulder on the opposite side. This boar traveled about 300 yards before he found some mud to wallow in and cool that deep burning pain he felt. They tracked blood to the wallow and he was gone. No more blood. They followed his tracks another couple hundred yards and jumped him. He took off at a good pace and began to bleed again. Tracking the last few hundred yards with good blood, they found him in a brushy creek bottom. Another arrow from 7 yards finished the job.
The first arrow was a complete pass through hitting him right through the liver and clipping 1 lung. Hogs are tough. These guys are believers now.

The last opportunity was late Saturday afternon. 1 sow at 20 yards. She had about 10 little ones with her and the hunter chose to pass on the shot for fear the piglets wouldn't survive. I credit him for this. More pigs to grow up and be hunted another day.

You can see the pics on my website.

Birds and Boars

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Great story and pictures Chopper. Me and a group will be heading your way. I'll be in contact shortly, working on others commiting to go.

In the winter do the hogs bed during the day? Or are they feeding? Looks like most of the pics were taken in the thick stuff.
Great story Chopper. But you know my wife is kinda pissed at you. I told her that I need to buy a bow and accessories and learn how to shoot, and its gonna cost a bit. SSSSooooooo maybe in a year or so we can hook up for another hunt.

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