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Jun 21, 2001
Rural Wa. State/ Ellisras South Africa
How many guys here have hunted Africa with Archery gear?

How did you primarily hunt? stands near food or water, or stalking?

I have a property that is suppose to be archery only but has been used at the end of each season to remove surplus game by gun hunters. Most of the archery hunting here would be from stands and they would be 20-25 yards from the far edge of the water.

Archery hunting due to the nature of the hunt is far more difficult then using a firearm. Because of this "package" hunts are not realistic. "package" hunts are based on a minimum amount of trophies and days. However you cannot really set a minimum amount of trophies with archery, it's just too time consuming per animal.

I usually set up archery hunts for 1X1 and have a daily fee and then use the trophy fee price list for the animals taken. This removes the pressure from the hunter to get all the animals in his package.

I enjoy archery hunting very much but realize it's limitations when travelling so far for a 8-10 day hunt. Some of the folks bring a rifle and a Bow. During the mornings and days we will use the rifle and in the evening we will set up with a bow in a stand somplace that has high game traffic.

It's been my experience that Bow hunters are very easy to work with because they have exceptional stalking and hunting skills. Much different on average then the guy who always hunted with a firarm. I suppose whe you must be within 30-40 yards for a good shot, you learn quickly how to play the game very good or you get nothing! After a year or more of Bow hunting the gun seems quite a bit easier.

I guess what I'm getting at here is finding out how many guys would be interested in Archery hunts. There is of course a minimum amount of money needed per hunter and Archers don't usually reach that in a packag deal. So to make that minimum there would have to be a higher daily fee to cover the costs.

I'm thinking along these lines. 225 per day 1X1 with a minimum of 3500 in trophy fees. If the 3500 minimum is not met there would be a 75 dollar per day adder. Worst case would be 300 bucks a day for 1x1 Hunting still not bad for one of the best hunting facilities in all of RSA.

I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve with all the firearm law changes in RSA. It will not be getting easier to deal with guns in RSA over the coming years. least for now is really easy and effortless.
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