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Anyone watch the OLN channel last night??


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Aug 22, 2002
I tell ya i was shaking my head. The show that was on after Eastmans was a joke. They were hunting caribou and 2 different times they were in a herd and the guide or hunters partner was saying shoot! and the hunter did. Both times there was other animals stacked behind the bulls being shot at. Am i just overkill when it comes to ethics or is that bullshit? I would never shoot any animal with another behind it that i didnt intend to tag also. They could have waited for the bull to clear the crowd a little.
While I'm not sure about the show you watched...

Many times the camera angle and the shooters angle dont show the same thing. What appears to be a bad choice of shots is really not.
I wish i remembered the name of the show. It was hunting with so and so, and the guys name and accent was slightly german or something. But i can tell you it wasnt camera angles on this show..
There was another show last weekend when they were hunting elk in a private place (high fence) this one guy was going for a cow elk with his bow. I could hear an ATV in the background and then a bunch of cows just happend to run towards him. Why would they put that crap on TV ?

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I saw the same show and it was called Woods N' Water with Peter Fiduccia, on the Outdoor channel not OLN right?? I think were talking about the same show.. whale river lodge or something..Yeah that show cracks me up. .. I thought there was some definately questionable shots..but for me it was somewhat hard to tell...I just thought the show is funny.. much like a lot of them are!! We just need to make our own show!!
You are right that was it. Some of those shows are real cool but others are a joke. Even my wife watches them and goes "whats up with that?"
She liked the red stag in new zelland (spelling) so maybe one day i will have to give her one!!
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