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Anyone hunt he $32 tag areas in Idaho?

Horn Seeker

New member
Dec 21, 2000
Billings, MT, USA
Since I live about 1/2 hour from the area I'm going to buy a tag, I already have a license and deer tag.

I'll probably hunt near Lolo Pass on off of 12.
Horn seeker, I think 280 hunts that area. But I haven't seen him around lately ? It's a bit far north for me to partake.

Good luck though !!
HS, several of my buddies from Missoula have hunted there, all took bears.

I can recommend a couple areas that I saw a pile of bears in, shoot me an email.
Hunted right off the highway, not to far East of some campground, I can't remember..... Thar's b'ars in them thar hills.....

Go for it, and enjoy....

How many miles are you? You might have your choice with a bait site...
I personally can't say I have seen you start advice with "I read off the Internet", but I will say your spelling has gone down the tubes. Is didja a word? I'd think with all the education you have, you would know the difference between "didja" and "didga". Geeezzzz!
Elkgummer is Actually right Ovis. It's Did-JA but it needs to have a - in between. "G" is the "GA" sound, even in the Hood making it sound like did-ga, which sounds funny to me and probably anyone else, just isn't correct.

The G can be used in the Fugg ya or GAhhhhhh sound when you're frustrated. but in the Tense in which Gunner was applying it to the Ja was correct.

There you have it, I know it's true because I read it on the Internet..... ;)

Horn Seeker, you're closer to your out of state tag then me in my In state tag area :D Good luck !!
Well as long as I know it is "Did you", then neither one of you are correct. Thanks for the ebonics lesson though. Elkcummer please try to use spell check, you are an educated man and therefore have no excuse. Moosie is too, but I think his GED spells (read speaks) for itself.

Peace out G!
Am I gonna get blamed for this thread goin' to chit????

HornSeeker, go for the bear, if you don't use it, consider it a donation to keeping my license fees down, a bit...
HornSeeker, go for the bear, if you don't use it, consider it a donation to keeping my license fees down, a bit...

That's what I like to see, a sound and rational economic plan. ;) :D
Dang, there's a lot of conversation going on there with not a lot said!!! hehehe No, seriously though, I"ll shoot ya an email Buzz and thanks for the encouragement Elkhunter!

Yeah Moosie, thats why I figure I've got to buy one. Its like 29 miles or something like that to the border. I can be in fairly decent country in 45 minutes, and to top it off, I dont think any Idahoans are going to have active bait sites that far out. The closest towns are hours away!

I think I may end up buying a full priced tag too, as a good buddy of mine runs a massive 3 bait camp up north of Idaho Falls and has invited me down. Should be fun!
Good luck HS and I sure hope to see pics soon of your endevours....