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Anybody else wake up with an elkon in the AM?

The Hedgehog

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Dec 19, 2000
With 3 days left until season it's hard not to.

I woke my wife up the other night and said 3 times in my sleep... "Your taking all the elk." I must have meant covers.. but I said it 3 times.

Crouching Specialist? I don't know what that means but the Lesbian Dreamer and I are going to slay some big bulls with our Ninja stars here pretty soon.

There is a big huge monster heavy 7X7 with my name on him. And a spike with Weekend Warrior's name on him.
Nope,,,,nononon.. Moosie already marked your elk with paintballs... I seen them, coupla little scraggly things. Looks almost like moosie dropped the whole paintcan on them...
HAHA... YAH, I'm with ya GREENY.. I seen what you thought was a big Elk.... HAHA , YOU do some MAgnificant work with the photo's cuz in REAL life.. ALL them Elk hanging in your HOUSE aren't that big.....


HAHA... Jot down my NUMBER , I want to be the First to hear about your Elk with a chineese star afte It's dead. And Since I know where you hunt In West Yellowstone, I know there is a phone only a block away !!! ;)
I'm waiting until Oct 3 to chase them. Can't wait. Not expecting anymore than a good time, but I'll give it a go.
I'm dreaming elk, seeing flashes of elk brown, and any high pitched kid's scream in my neighborhood turns my head.

I'm leaving tomorrow at 0300 for 7 full days of Idaho archery elk. I'm going to hold out for 5 point or better. Also, I'll have deer and bear tags in case one gets in the way.

I'll return and report.

Mine's gettin' bad too. So bad that I've been trying to tie some fake antlers to the dog for practice!!! But, the wife put the nix on that so I've been wearing a cup to bed to protect her and myself.