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Any ID Panhandle folks up for a chat to help me get the lay of the land?


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Jan 14, 2021
Save the “welcome to hunt talk” posts I post here all the time LOL. I filled my MT tag and the wife, kid and I headed up toward CDA from Missoula. Currently camped in ———-. Will shamelessly take honey holes but will settle for a bit of info on access. Seems like checkerboard but without the squares. Have all the makings of a great bait site with me (barrel, attractant, bait, etc). I have OnX and will continue to look but I ain’t too proud to ask for help. If you can spare 10 minutes on the phone shoot me a PM or post up here and I’ll PM you and give you my number.
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Took a day or two to get the lay of the land but ended up running two baits up in the panhandle and got it done on a medium size boar. First observation is that there are a LOT of ATV/UTV/dirtbikes, like a lot so expect traffic. Second was that there were a lot of folks running hounds as well so plan for that in terms of bait location. Loved the area, will be back.


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