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An Awesome Night!


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May 16, 2003
Summer time is slow aroud here. Cats and fox are off limits till Oct. or Nov. and yote hunting is slow all the time. So on those long summer night we tend to go out and hone our night shooting skills by thinning out the Jackrabbit population and giving the predators a free meal. Last night was a realy good night. My self and a friend found an area that hadn't seen a human in a long time. Plenty of jackrabbits for the taking that werent light shy. Everyonce in a while we would stop and howl and hope for a reply but as usuall, nothing would answer back. As we drove down a steep and rocky hill side i noticed some eyes on the other side of the ravine, so we decided to stop and see what we could bring in. I started in on my Quakerboy super screamer and as soon as i did the eyes started to make a b-line towards us. After about 2 minutes, the eyes disapeared behind a little ridge and i could no longer see them. I proceded to call and look around with the light. As i turn to my right , not 5 feet from the truck stands a young grey fox. I hit it with the full beam of the light and all it did was close it's eyes and tun it's head. It was awesome to have a fox that close to you and not have it scared and running all over the place. Then we noticed there was another lurking back aways , just giving us a glimps of it's eyes every now and then. We sat and played with them for a while and then let them walk up the hill. We then drove around the corner to find 2 more up on a rocky hill. What a rush! It was really neat to see wildlife so calm and up close and for a change not splattering the little guy all over the rock. I cant wait till fox season, I think we've found a good spot for a stand or two.

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You called them in once Crapshoot, I'm sure they have your name on them now when season comes around.

I enjoyed the story

Crow Woman
Yeah, I defintitely need to visit the rolling show. Awesome Story dude!

later pup
Excelant story, remember to change your calls when you go back. A good choice would be a slydog "clasic" LOL Realy, by changing your calls and using a differant cadence you will up the odds.

Smote the Yote