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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I'm heading to Pocatello this (NEXT for thanxgiving I mean) weekend. Anyone interested in getting together for Lunch or dinner ? friday we could meet somewere ? I'm going to Idaho Falls on Friday afternoon sometime to meet Elkhunter and LB, MAybe michealR/tara ? Or we could get some big gettogether somewere in between ? Or have two lunch/dinners ? Nothing like eating alot after thursday

GIVE me some Ideas and thoughts !!!
O-chick, You're more then Welcome up too. I didn't want to limit it to jsut Idaho people
(Thanx for the well wishes)
Hey moosie, i live in pocatello, maybe we should meet or somthing, what do you think?

Joking aside, i will go with you to meet Bill andMichelle, and mike and tara, and i am also thinking you should bring your shotgun, maybe we can go out after some ducks while you are down, all i need to do is get directions to duck point and we will be set, supposedly ducks are always flying in there

Happy Hunting
Well sweatheart, the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year, and unfortunatly I get to work
I get off work at 6:15 pm, so if you want to do dinner that would be awesome, but if it is to late for Elkhunter and LB then you can go without Michael and I. Sounds like it will be lots of fun getting together with all of you, just let us know!!
Elkhunter and LB, You guys up for a dinner ?

Millsteve, you up for a ride to I.F. on Friday ? I'm going there with Mini Moose. Looks like BrianID can't make it and I can't remember who else all is there ? If not, Let's plan on a lunch in Pokey and swap some huntin' lies
I ride to IF sounds great. It will be fun to me some other hunters here in Idaho. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

I am down for the texas roadh house that place is delicious and the last time i ate there the ree was this really hott chick that kept hitting on ym brother( she was our waitress) but the food there is good, plus don't think of going to any bars, i am still undersage remember
Let me see what the wife is working. I could cut out of work an hour or so early, I might be able to make it.
I talked to the boss and I might be able to get off of work a little bit earlier. But the Ground Round or Texas Road House still sounds good!!
MillSteve, If you guys don't mind Riding up in a Mini VAn (Us pooooor folks with tons of kids
) You and the Wife can Hop in with us.

I think Dano is Somewere in Pokey now So I need to see if He's up for it. I know there is a Few others in that Area, Who am I forgetting ?

1-Pointer, Would be AWSOME if you and the Mail order Bride could come up. Pokey is only 2 hours from your Place right ? We could Caravan over to I.F. If you guys need Lodging let me know. Or, Book something Romantic in Pocatello and Stay Friday Night. SInce she Hasn't had your Lovin' in Awhile you being on Vacation, I'm sure She'd enjoy it

Let's get this PART~AYYyyy Started
Tara gets off at 4:30,
Should we all just meet at either the ground round, or texas roadhouse at say 5:30--6:00??
Let us know....
We prefer the ground round The bar/lounge part is also legal for those under age

You can call us at 523-4387 when you hit town...

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