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May 12, 2002
Wyoming SOON!
Well guys in 4 weeks I'am heading back to my hometown. Cant wait. Wish i never would have left it. I have been going to mule deer , elk, moose ect ect antler detox for a while. But it looks like the disease never left my system. And my addiction is forcing me to drive 1717 miles, estimated time 30 hours.

Later, MM
In SW Wyoming in a small town of Kemmerer, Wyoming. Its just a small rinky dink town, but home is were you make it. I have a lot of great memories up there and wouldnt trade them for the world. To make a few more of them would be great. And i'll give you guys a promise. YES a for SURE promise. I'll post some pictures of just awesome sheds not any 180-185 class stuff, i'am talking some for sure throphy class sheds.
Later, MM
I've been thru that big town, what pray tell are you going to do for a living, or are you financially indipendant??? :D :D :D
Where are you running away from...
:D :D

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My family owns a surveying company in Kemmerer. And that is where i'll work. I'am not running away from anything. The town may not be the best thing but i like the country and there and i also have a ranch in the mountains about 35 miles north of Kemmerer kind of near labarge. So i'll also work on our ranch. Then i'am getting my guiding license to guide hunts on my ranch. I hope everything works in my favor.

later, MM
So are you ever going back to Ark (or AL?) or is it WY for good? If I could get my wife to live there, I'd move for the hunting. If I'm lucky and draw out, maybe we'll swing through on a scouting trip.

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Good Luck Muley_Magician, you'll soon be living the life I'd like to live. I'm envious! Good luck on your move and good luck with your guiding/outfitting operation. Maybe Moosie can set up a hunt with you for members.. :eek:
That's just way to cool. At least you are moving into the area with some thing very worthwhile to do....Good luck!!! :D :D

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