A question for outfitters/guides.


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Dec 11, 2000
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For those of you that hunt public ground.

Have you ever had people that you have guided, show up in the same areas unguided in the following years? Is it unethical to do so?

Also, do you have hunting spots that you won't take clients to because you don't want them to know about them?


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Jan 8, 2001
Yes, Yes, Yes, Just give ya a little story, freind of mine guided a guy on the governers deer tag in Oregon few yrs back, another outfitter that I know knew him well as he was a repeat customer and so we already knew about the guy before even meeting him, since the governers tag season runs so long and you have the entire state to hunt in, he wanted to see the deer first before any deals was made on it....My buddy meet him in town, and blindfolded him, took him out to the deer and showed it to him, blindfolded him again and drove him back to town....with this guy, knowing what we already knew, he would have told us no to the buck, turned around drove back out there and killed it. I have sub-guided under a few outfitters and theres no way I would try to do it on my own, some these guys are overgrown kids that need babysitting, and its hard to put up with them.



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I think it is CHICKEN$HIT for a person to do that but it happens all the time. It dont happen to me too much anymore because of the wilderness law, but even then people try it. The game and fish are really on the ball for this kind of stuff tho! They like to enforce the wilderness law thing! Heck I have even had people that I have shown a good area, promose to never tell and go right home and massproduce topomaps telling all their friends about the area, and how they worked their buns off trying to find this certain spot and on and on!!!! They even put an X on the map right where to go!!!!! The best thing for something like this is to pay attention to who and where ya take people to start with. DOnt trust ANYBODY!!!!!! This happens to other hunters NOT JUST OUTFITTERS> People find a good spot, take their friend there in confidence, and a couple years later all their aunts uncles cousins and brothers are there including all their friends and the area is ruined!!!! The only thing we have going for us here in Wyoming is the draw!!!!! IF it were like colorado, we wouldnt have any game left. No private property for the game to go to when pressured!!! Ya got to watch out for yourself on this one if ya have a honey hole and ya dont want the whole world to know about it.bcat

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