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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
"Get up guys we are 20 minutes late!" My dad's voice boomed awaking my uncle and I from a deep sleep. I yawned and stretched out. I quickly got dressed and in no time I was walking out the door. We were heading to an area that we found last year and we knew there would still be a few bucks in there.

We got to the same point on the road and pulled off like we had the previous year. The cool air quickly replaced the heater in the pickup as the doors all opened at once. We quickly made our way up the hill to the point where we would all head off in our seperate directions trying to bump into a buck. We got to our pre-determined spot and my uncle said he was going to head to a little rock outcropping so he could see the remains of an old fire that had ripped through the country 14 years earlier. I was instructed to go to "Lone Pine", which was a lone pine tree on a solid sage hill. From that point I could glass a series of sage fingers that deer often used to lay down in to soak up the sun rays.

I took off straight for the lone pine. As I was approaching the tree, it was starting to get light enough to shoot. I stopped for a moment to glass the skyline above the fingers hoping to possibly see a buck standing on there. I was quickly discouraged to find another hunter walking up the ridge from the low side. I quickly decided to change my game plan figuring I didn't want to ruin the mans hunt or have him ruin mine since we would be in such close proximity. I took off for a small patch of timber where I would then go over the top of the ridge and be able to glass a sage hillside. I worked my way over when out to the right side of the trees I noticed there was the unmistakable white rump of two deer.

I quickly hurried to the small patch of timber that covered only about 20 acres. I slowly slipped into the trees and started scanning for any signs of deer. I couldn't see anything so I moved on. Then I heard the sound of soft footsteps ahead of me. I quickly but quietly hurried closer to the sound. All of a sudden right in front of me at what I thought to be about 40-50 yards stood a buck looking straight at me. In a slow move I slowly lifted my rifle and turned my scope up to 9 power. I quickly determined that the buck was only about 18" and a solid fork on both sides. Since it was only a forky I would let him grow for another year or two and in a few moments he went back to grazing. As he was walking away from me to my left a doe suddenly appeared where he had been. She couldn't see me so I leaned against a near tree. After about 5 minutes or so they were gone. Figuring that these were the two rumps I saw go into the trees I slowly reached to take a drink of Gatorade. I quickly noticed another grey figure coming along the same trail, it was another doe. I was just watching her when I noticed yet another grey body. Except there was a difference, this one had nice headgear! I patiently waited for the buck to come out and when he did I counted the points. 4 of them. I slowly lowered my crosshairs to the bucks vitals and eased off the safety. I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. BOOOOOOM!! the sound of my .270 broke the silence of the morning. The buck took 2 steps and fell over. I quietly said a quick "thank you" and slowly made my way towards my deer. I got up to him and just sat there for about 10 minutes just looking at him and thinking how lucky I was to get a good buck. I marked the spot on my GPS and hurried across to where my dad said he would be. As I was coming close to him, he saw me coming so I signalled for him to come. He did and soon my uncle was on his way too.

We all got started walking and they kept asking me how big he was. I kept saying he was a lot smaller than I was hoping and I shouldn't have pulled the trigger but I got excited. Dad gave me the old "it's okay you will make up for it with a good bull". We approached the buck and my uncle was the first to spot it. He said "Looks like a good little 4 point" We all approached the fallen buck and I had a huge grin on my face. "A lot smaller than you were hoping for? What were you hoping for?" Came from my dad. I said "I'm just screwin with ya guys, he's good ain't he?" After the handshakes and the good jobs we settled down to take some pictures and then the fun started by packing the buck back down to the truck.

So here's the pictures. I've got others but they are on regular film and I took 3 with the digital but these are the only good ones, the other is blurry. Oh well, enjoy!



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TK, that was a great story and the pics are tops. Where is your Hunt Talk hat though? Congrats to you on a fine looking buck. WTG TK.
Great pics TK. You should submit your story and pics to a mag. How did your new gear work out for you?
Thanks fellas.
Bill, I had my white T-Shirt on that I had my HuntTalk patch on under that camo shirt. I used it as my under shirt the whole time and I think I took a pic with it on but it is on the roll of film.

Jim, I don't really feel like publishing the story all that much or else I probably would. I didn't get to use my gear because we were staying at our house but I plan on using it either this coming season or else the one after. Maybe if I get a buck like him when I'm in the backcountry with all my goodies then I'll submit it.
that's OK TK, just giving you a hard time. The story and pics are great, with or without Hunt Talk clothes in the picture. Nice going!
TK, that's friggin awesome bud!nice buck, great story and pic's!.....
Well done TK. That was a great story and I am very impressed with the photos as well.

It is great that you were able to hunt with your family (I am sure they came in handy with the dragging chores

Way to improvise on your strategy and come up with a dandy buck.
Nice one! Thanks for the story, I enjoyed it. Sounds like you may want to add some binos to your gear list!
Great story and deer TK.Sounds like a great hunt with family and an awesome outcome.The photos turned out sweet. Can't wait to see some more.

Happy trails
Thats a super Buck TK! I have one on my wall that looks very similar, but it took me 35 yrs. to get it! Also it has a "real" nice healthy body on it, any estimate of what it weighed? Thanks for the pics.

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