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Dec 18, 2021
For you Barnes experts, I am looking for some insight into an “optimal” bullet weight (and whether TTSX or LRX) for each of the following rifles if I had to pick only one bullet for each cartridge. Since the mono’s hold together and penetrate so well, my priority is good expansion on a broadside heart/lung shot and I know Barnes has some pretty variable velocity specs depending on the bullet choice. And there are a lot of 7mm choices. My max hunting range is about 450, usually much less and I don’t intend to be pushing the limit on velocity for any of my loads.

7mm mag (elk)
280 Rem (deer/elk)
7mm-08 (optimized for deer)
I have been loading 150 TSX and 150 TTSX for 10+ years for my 7mm-08s (700 Rem, Brng A Bolt and a new Brng X Bolt), fortunately they all like them with a pet load of H380. They also liked them over IMR4350. I found all to like loads above middle and below max. Not sure if Barnes list H380, so you can email me if you are interested in actual info. Velocities were around 2800 and latest groups were still around .6MOA on the X Bolt. Seems the 1:9.5 twist fits this combo well. The Rem 700 only shoots 1 MOA or slightly worse, but that seems to be the best it can do without some wrk. The Browning A Bolt consistently shoots .75MOA. As for lethality, great from 50 to 250 yards so far and I will be trying to push that out to 400 yards in 2022. Love these bullets.


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May 26, 2021
Barnes bullets will need approx. 2200 fps when hitting an animal to properly expand. Also if the bullet is too heavy for the animal it may not expand even with higher velocity, I shot a mule deer buck with 30-06 and 168 TSX at around 180 yards 3 times in the same hole behind the shoulder and it just stood there, the bullets did not expand. Since then I'm careful to use proper weight bullet and making sure I have enough velocity for proper expansion.
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