7.3 Powerstroke...yes or no?


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Nov 27, 2009
South East Colorado
I've got the opportunity to get myself a hunting rig for a decent price. It's a 2000 Ford Excursion with a 7.3 Powerstroke diesel. I've never been a Ford fan, so I don't know much about these engines. What do you guys think?
Powerstrokes just don't last...


Fittingly, it rolled over as I went thru the gates at West YellowStone coming back from my annual WY hunt.
And this is a "commuter" rig.
I had a 2001 F250 with the 7.3 powerstroke. Was a good truck but had a lot of trouble with cold starting. Did glow plugs multiple times and eventually had to let it go. If you tow a lot get it, if not stick to gas. Elk hunting gets a lot less fun when it's -15 and the truck won't start.
Those 7.3 excursions are very sought after rigs. Sought after because of that engine. The 7.3 is a great motor.
Good motors I have 250,000 on one of mine and still going strong...the turbo is getting a little weak...plenty of room in an excursion for all your friends.IMO
7.3 yes, 6.0 no

This ^^^.

I was supposed to drive a Ford 6.0 this morning (first time in my life) to pull some equipment to a job. Needless to say I drove my personal truck (5.9 Cummins) because I didn't feel like being broke down on the highway in sub zero temps. Our 6.0 trucks are in the shop constantly and each repair seems to cost thousands. Avoid them if possible.
I had that exact truck and put 200,000 miles on it in about five years. My biggest complaint was the slow heat warm up in the winter and the $1,800 front bearing job that had to be done at 95,000 miles. Dang, that left a mark. Maybe it was the expensive oil changes or the A/C struggling to cool that big pig, lol.

Either way, buy it...jacket it up 2" and add some 35's and you have a bad ass ride, lol.
Had a '99 F-350 with the 7.3. Great power, but it did leave me cold in the Idaho backwoods a few times due to poor/non existant cold start when the needle pointed toward negative numbers.
7.3 powerstrokes have a few issues but not too bad overall,,,stay away from 6.0 moneypits,,,neither is like a older dodge cummins though{pre-98}
I have a 2000 F250 with the 7.3 and just under 300,000 miles. Everytime my wife says to get a new rig, I think why? It's been a great truck from day 1 and still going strong.
My '99 has been bomb-proof (knock on wood). I have had the same cold starting problems as others above. To the point where I would never go on a back country hunt and expecting my truck to start up upon my return...when it's really cold out.
I'll echo what everyone else has said about the 7.3. It will not start reliably when it gets cold. I had issues on occasion here in MD and you've got much colder temps to deal with.
The 7.3 I drove for ten years at work was bulletproof, and it always started at well below zero , even not plugged in. The 6.0 motors we had were terrible. Bad design.
7.3 are reliable motors. believe it or not the 6.0's can be made reliable. Should that be something the owner should have to take care of? Probably not but with the right precautionary measures the 6.0 can be made into a reliable motor with plenty of power. You just have to have the money and be willing to spend it.
7.3 all the way. My Uncle has 4 that his excavating company still uses on a daily basis still. There all over 400k, only a few new turbos, injectors and some glow plugs.

Throw a programer, intake and exhaust on that bad boy and you''ll have the ultimate hunting rig.
I've owned one for 14 years now. She's got 275000 miles of tough driving miles. I tow a lot of the time.

One of the most sought after engines right now. People are looking to rebuild those and keep them on the road.

You do need good glow plugs, I've never redone mine but she's needing plugged in at night now. The relay switch on top the motor is the biggest dog. Their cheap and easy to replace but when they go, your not going to start in cold weather. We all keep an extra one in the jockey box.

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