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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
1 teal, 4 mallards..........

Slipped out with the BOSS and Elk Turd. I shot one setting up the Decoys, LArry and Dinger were afraid to shoot that high I guess (HELL, whats 50 yards straight up eh ;)).... The ducks made another pass and the one on the left went the one on the right went.. And the middle one tried to go straight over.... NO NO NO... KABOOOOmmm KABOOOM.. I have to admit it took spanking it 3 times with 3 1/2" T shots to take it down, BUT the first bird was down.

There was some coming in ( 3 ) and they flew by those boys 2 times.. I almost yelled untill they finally were right over like the 3rd time debating to land And I finally yelled over "TAKE 'EM". They knew they were there but never seen them untill the birds flared right aver them.. they were right there. LArry wacked 2 and Elk Turd got the other.

They took awhile to find the 3rd duck and more were comeing in they didn't see. I whistled and they Hunkered down. The TEAL, which was obviously 1/2 the size of all the mallards split the pack, made 2 passes and plopped righ in the water... I yelled "It's in the fuggin WATER, WACK UM". It finnaly took off and LArry dumped it. Elk turd said "NO CRAP"... but they seen 10 ducks interested in our spread at a distance and was waiting. HAHA... I though they just couldn't see it. LArry had NO idea it wass there till it hit the water 8 ft in front of him. But Elk turd saw it.

I was off to the side to pick up straglers, I left them sitting over the "HOLE". I figured the season is long...

Speaking of which, More after the morning hunt, Wylle and Elk Turd are going to try their hand at it again
:D :D
Are you really shooting ducks over decoys with "T" shot? I'd advise you drop down to #3 or 4 shot. I'd wager you're kill ratio wood increase. Keep those T's around for the honkers tho.
Actually I'm using #2~3"ers for the ducks.... I have the 3 1/2"ers for follow ups. I haven't bought #2 3 1/2"s yet ...

TODAY was a bust!!!had one duck fly in and land at 4 mins till leagal shooting time. I looked at the watch.. looked at the duck.. looked atthe duck down the barrel, flipped safety off.... Flipped it back on... LOOKEd at the watch.... HUMMMm and it decided to fly after being in the water 15 seconds or so.... OHHh well.... Another day, Another duck (NOT) !!

B.T.W. Wally, my kill ration is one knock down that I didn't find, 6 I shot at and Killed, and ONE miss at ducks flying away after Elkturd/Larry started shooting. NOt that I'm bragging to Jinks myself, but letting ya know, I just need them flying in, when they do they've been dropping
I'm inspired now Moosie. As soon as I kick this dang cold, I'm gonna get a stamp and go a blastin. I havent shot a duck since high school, but now I cant wait to get out.
I feel better after the clarification.
I saw this mention of T shot and thought you needed a little brow beating.
Anytime you want we can slip out to our private skeet club for some patterning/claybusting.
WD ;)
Oscar sounds like you guys are having a blast shooting ducks....

If I remember right about 2 years ago you said you might try it once just to say you tried it LMAO.. its addicting big time....
DELL.... YAH, Unfortunately I'm investing alot of time and $$ in it.... But it's worth it, I can do it for a couple of hours and the wife never gets mad :D :D
Next your going to be buying one of those 5000 dollar over and under shotguns, be wearing a glove and chaps with 20 calls around your neck.....
keep having kids and you wont need to buy a duck dog for a few years... :D :D :D
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