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3-D tourney today (pic)


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Jan 16, 2002
Here was one target that was set with a nice backround. My first shoot of the year and my score showed it.

Nice picture.
Our 3-D season is getting under way real nice around here.
We will be going to another one this week-end.
Do you shoot your hunting set-up or use one set up just for 3-Ds?
I shoot mine set up for hunting,then all I have to do is tune it in with broadheads.
Steve has two mathews bows with everything the same ,except one he leaves for 3-D's ,the other for hunting,tuned in with broadheads.
I've shot 5 3D tournaments this spring. I too only use my hunting bow to keep it as real as possible. I just switch sights (hunting/target) for what I'm doing. They sure are fun.

Stan, that country looks nice to have a 3D, where was the shoot? I might make it up to the Happening this year. Maybe I'll see you there.

BOHNTR )))------------>
This shoot was just west of Strawberry,AZ. It's about 20-25 minutes from Payson. If you shoot the happening be sure and shoot me an email. I'd be nice to walk a course or two with you. Like I said this was my first shoot of the year and I shot like Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles would have.
Glen and I were up there early yesterday morning. We had turkey tags for that area. We talked with the guys at the shoot about mid morning.. Seems they found a poached elk carcas up there.. Did you hear anything about that??

We are just getting dialed in for the 3D shoots. I'm not sure where the next one will be, but we'll be there.. I'll let you know..

The guys running the shoot weren't sure if the elk was a lion kill or a poach. When we were on course two, they had some dogs trying to cut a track. We left and never walked to the elk to take a look.

P.S. were the birds gobbling? They were starting to in 6A earlier in the week.
We had three up earlier, but some guy on a 4 wheeler came screaming down the road about 50 yards above where we were and scared them off. They were gobblin in the roost are first light.. We'll try again next week..


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