'21 Elk in Wy


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Jun 20, 2019
Well, as promised this is my "we actually put in for tags" update. I have three points and put in for my general tag this week. Walked my buddy through the cow tag application so now we just wait and see. Kind of worried point creep might get me, especially with the last round of Trump bucks coming through during WY application time. If I don't draw and my buddy does, we will make the most of it and go. Probably will mean I'll start looking into the other tag opportunities a lot harder in that area. But I'm going to try to stay optimistic and keep planning as if I'll draw.

On the gear front, we've made some purchases. The third member of the group picked up a canvas tent (not really a wall tent, but it will work just fine) so that's covered. I got a different puffy (EB 800 fill) and am very glad I did because it is much warmer than my previous one (a FF one that I didn't even know the fill power on when I bought it). The only one of us who didn't have an adequate pack got one for Christmas so we're good on that front. I got a kifaru gun bearer and WOW am I glad I did. By far the best way to carry a rifle with these frame packs. I'm still looking for a few things, such as gaiters (dual purpose because my boots and pants get SOAKED when I'm turkey hunting because of the dewy grass), sleeping pad, better base layer, and some odds and ends. Oh yeah, and I need some primers to load up my hunting bullets....

On the prep front, the two of us in worse shape (one does a lot of mtn biking and is in great shape) have been working out regularly. Once my covid quarantine ends, I'm planning some weighted hikes. Continuing to escout. Right now I'm focusing on finding areas that we should be able to glass from. Got a few places picked out.

So that's about where things are. Don't think there was anything else I wanted to mention that I haven't. Thanks again for all those who have helped out thus far. Not sure when I'll update again, probably at least once before the draw actually happens.
On you sleeping bag, keep you eyes open for an older oversized Coleman or such sleeping bag to put your mummy bag inside of. Makes all the difference in the world.


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Jun 11, 2021
I've had the best luck the morning after it snows. It pushes the elk out of the trees into the lower country. I've shot a few 6x6 bulls the morning after a snow in the snowies. I hope for snow when I'm hunting. There is a lot of dark timber for the elk to hide in.

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