2024 Draw results

Does this mean my group didn’t draw? I never understand MT’s system/process


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i can't believe i didn't draw the lowest % draw odd elk permit with 6 points. what a sham.
Got my buck tag, no wishful elk tag. Ruckin around in the general units again this season. Only other one showing is paddlefish, and says I just got the snag and release. Everything else is pending. Wasn't really expecting the buck tag but always cool see some green.
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Last night at tee-ball practice, my six-year-old son took one to the face.

He’s had a propensity for bloody noses in his life, and this one was a goddamn waterfall. He ran off the field to me, and I pinched his nose and walked him to my truck where I had paper towels to clean him up. As I got the bleeding to stop, I looked down at my hands covered in the blood of a child of my loins. The horizon line of the setting sun were the mountains where I hope to wander this fall. It was there, with the bite of Montana spring baseball in the air, that I realized this was a blood sacrifice to the hunting gods, who no doubt will shine upon me in a week. I explained his gift to our family, but his simple mind just couldn’t comprehend.

I hope they do the same for you all.

Drew the first LE buck deer permit of my life.

UNSUCCESSFUL on gen BG combo. More points added to the stack for deer and elk. My prediction was right on the draw being held today (tax day) and also that it would suck 😬
No luck for me, as usual.

My girlfriend swung above the weight of her points and drew a relatively easier draw elk tag, so that will be fun.
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