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2022 Colorado Mountain Goat


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Oct 29, 2019
Glad it all came together man! Really glad you held off for a month and glad you were able to connect on such an awesome goat. I’m sure the family was glad you all made it back so quickly!


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Mar 17, 2017
We left Tuesday morning at 6am knowing we had a 12+ hour drive. Picked up my buddy (and taxidermist) and then my brother in law a ways down the road and headed south to Colorado. We ended up getting up to camp at 9:30pm that night. Google lied to me on the amount of time it would take. We got camp set up and wound down and were sleeping about 1am. Was slow going in the morning and foggy above camp, so we weren’t in a huge rush to get out knowing we couldn’t see the ridge tops anyway. (Wednesday) We left camp at 8:57. My brother in law spotted him and another billy directly above camp. One was little and not something I was after and the other was laying down and we couldn’t decide if he was a big mature billy or not. We waited and watched and finally the bigger one got up and walked in front of the smaller one and that was an “oh sh!t” moment. A buddy once told me that they aren’t big enough if you don’t have an “oh sh!t” moment. We raced back down to camp and parked and started our climb. We started hiking at 10:30. Went 625 yards and 889 vertical feet. Pulled the trigger at 12:42. Hiked up the rest of the way to start breaking down this incredible animal. The hike back down with weighted packs was interesting to say the least. We all made it safely and got back to camp at 5pm for burgers and couple whiskies to celebrate. (Thursday) Woke up and got camp all packed and headed to get my goat checked in. That all went smoothly and the guy said it was the biggest billy he had checked in thus far. Got back in the pickup headed north. Got home and showered and was in bed this morning at 1am. A quick trip due to some family things going on, but it was a once in a lifetime hunt that ended in a great billy. Thanks to everyone on this site that has helped me out. You all know who you are this never would have happened without all the information you were all willing to share with a big dumb animal like myself.

PS - if you don’t put rocks on the stove or in the fire to warm them up and then put them in a paper bag or canvas bag and then put that in your sleeping bag for the night, you’re doing it wrong. View attachment 243354 View attachment 243355 View attachment 243356 View attachment 243357 View attachment 243358 View attachment 243359 View attachment 243360 View attachment 243361 View attachment 243362 View attachment 243363 View attachment 243364 View attachment 243365
Congrats to you man that's awesome