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2020 muley buck


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Apr 23, 2018
Bzn, mt
It was the last day of a week long hunting trip, as well as last day of the general hunting season, in Montana.
I find myself struggling to find the drive to make one last climb up the mountain, not physically tired, but mentally exhausted. I decided to go on short hike, but too go higher than I have been previously. It takes me a couple of hours to get to the spot. I'm still hunting at this point. I will say, it was a beautiful day out. It was cold in the shadows and cool in the sun, and no clouds in the sky.
The area of the mountain that I'm hunting in has a lot of timber with not much for shooting lanes, but steep.
I climb up through a small rock slide into the timber. I move into a shadow and kneel down for a little while, too allow the woods to calm down. Maybe 15 minutes goes by and I hear a squirrel sound off, knowing its not directed at me. I look toward the sound of the squirrel and see a mature 4 point muley giving me the side eye stare at 50 yards. This deer is standing where I just walked. I know it knows I'm there. It starts walking down hill and slowly angling in front of me. He's all bristled up.
I'm thinking he's a nice deer, but I don't like mule deer meat. So I'm just watching the show. All of a sudden, I see him tense up and look to his left. Another buck is 15 yards from him working in the same direction. This buck is a mature 3x3 with not as much mass, but nice. Both of these deer, are now in front of me at 70 yards quartering away and walking.
I'm in awe, just enjoying the moment. As the deer get farther away, I'm thinking maybe I'm miss judgeing the caliber of deer in front of me. The more I look the bigger they get.
The 4x4 has walked out of sight and the 3x3 has gone 120yd down hill standing broadside. At this point I figure last day of the season, why not.
I get my gun up and try to steady myself. I'm using my pack as a rest, but its just not quite tall enough. So I'm really leaning into it and trying to make the shot. I find the deer in the crosshairs and settle for the shot and miss. The deer runs straight up the hill to where he was just standing earlier at 75yds. I find him in the scope and settle the crosshairs and shoot again. I watch him buck and kick out after the shot and run off. I know he is hit hard.
I wait a couple of minutes for things to settle back down. I walk down to where he was standing and find blood instantly. I followed the blood trail 20 yards and look up and there he is 30 yards ahead.
My biggest muley, this deer got bigger every time I looked at him. This was a tough season for me, but well worth it.
I have posted this pic on hunt talk before, but not the story. I wrote this on my phone, so I apologize spelling and grammar.
Hope you enjoy 20201129_092532.jpg

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