2004 ???


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May 1, 2001
The Beach, Elevation 12' @ low tide
Whats up everyone. Been a while since I've posted and I thought I would say hello. Thinking about 2004 already and I'm looking for a hunt. Past 4 years I've put my group(s) together and I just want to take a year off and see if anyone else is looking for a good hand in a good camp? Not the richest guy on the block but I'm not afraid to cough up a few bucks with some boys that like to kill critters and tell lies. I'm fit and used to hard work...but hell, everyone that has packed elk knows work so that's not much of a claim.

Moosie...your advice to that fellow was solid on the choices of states. Idaho & Montana would be his best bet. Let me know if you hear of a group that might want someone they can count on.

Cheers everyone and have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving.

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