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1judging 15 inches ? This should be fun!


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Dec 15, 2000
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I know this one will get hit just from the header! :rolleyes: ya sick pups'
This place has a $500 fee for a buck under 15 inches spread. I know in the S.E, a deers ears is supposed to be from 18 to 20 inches tip to tip. Never measured them out of all the deer I have killed!
Also, if in doubt, don't shoot will be a big response!
Beings, I will be allowed 2 bucks and 3 does, I know I will get some meat! I would like to drop a decent buck, but we are talking Alabama here not Alberta and with it being such a long time to hunt trophy managed whitetail, I know I will get buck fever at the first buck I see! (Regardless how many you have killed, You will get it, If not then what is the point in hunting deer?
So what or how do you folks judge 15 inch spread under QDM rules?
Let the truth and BS fly!

PS! Moosie, I will keep you updated. Check out the New Years fishing trip on my site. Iwill update the story of my Oryx and Axis hunt from may soon!
Thanks and happy Holidays.
From what I know about ears, tip to tip around here is 16" to 18" I have a deer mount of a 168lbs field dressed deer, tip to tip is almost 18". That is a big deer for here.
That one I just shot in the 9 point whitetail thread is 15.5 inches inside spread but he's from Texas, not Alabama. He's outside his ears. Judge by that, have them show you some racks from their place, with their deer, with their ears, judge by that.
The big buck in this topic has an outside spread of 19 3/4 inches. Deer move their ears into a lot of different angles, but you can usually figure they're around 16 inches tip to tip. I guessed the buck Jeff shot at 20 inches outside spread when I first saw him. Not a bad estimate, but I had a good look at him! :D

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15" are sick man.
She will never go for it ;)

If you look for just outside the ears in the the alert position..........the one they will have when they hear another deer coming.

I have one from that county the is 138" gross and it has a only a 14" spread.
The main beams are like 23" and they just about touch. I would anty up and shoot if you see a lot of points and heavy mass :D

You will easily get the does and they will probably let ya shoot extras if you want!
The bucks will come into green fields in the afternoon by Jan 1st checking for a hot doe....take your video, you will see some chasing if its not too warm. A lot are shot
VERY late in the evening so a big objective scope helps alot. Most bucks are taken in the afternoon that time of year. We get setteled early and stay quiet because you want to have as many does for "Live Bait"
as possible! This area is still the old south if you know what I mean........If ya don't its a pre-civil war mentality.

I still have not talked to the folks that should know the guide, But I'll see them on Friday nite. But if they pass on deer with less than 15", you will see good bucks and probably a lot of them! I saw 21 yesterday afternoon in Wilcox county just below where you are going, they are there.
Thanks for the info folks. JB, I look forward to hearing from you about this place. They have a web site and for 9 years have held this 8 point 15 inch or better rule. They have some great deer on the wall that the two owners have taken over the years and some photo's of guest and friends.
One hunter took a 147 on the river tract saturday. From what all I hear I do not think I will be dissapointed.
I have killed my more than fair share of bucks in my time, but never measured one until I started killing the monsters up north.
yup, I truely understand the mentality, after all i was born in Louisiana, rasied between carolina and Georgia. But even if you live all your life in the next county you are consiodered as an outsider. This guy has the first rule I love. Lets have a good time, hunt hard and a cold one or six in the afternoon over the grill
They give the DNR a lot of credit along with the other big tracts in the areas. They all are under the Same QDM rules and have stuck with it for years.
Thanks for cluing me back in on the ear thing. Take a look at a few of my bucks in my trophy room and some of the racks off some culls over the years and you will see why it is hard. The 18 to 20 inch rule is up north, The alert tip to tip will be 15. I just as soon leave with does,because I sue don't need any more mounts until my Alaska bag is up! But if a bruiser walks past, you can bet I will lower da boom.
Momma will make room for another deer :D
Look forward to the updates. and that was a good story and pictures. keep the info flowing. man buck fevef hitting me HARD just like 15 inches
Anymore mounts and my wife might hang me in the toilet! :D
No seriously, I am building a new trophy room with attached house. That ought to fix it all worries. I guess I will start doing what I did with my elk and red stag. Detatchable horns. Kill one bigger, never mind a new mount, just put a peg in the horn base and put it on the last mount.
Keep that Bama info coming!

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