18x Idaho


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Oct 3, 2010
great state of Idaho....
Anyone know what the access points that are open in Nov.? I know there's only a couple, buddy that knows the area is working, so looking too see if this is any faster, 1 is lightening creek, I do have a decent jet boat so I can go on the river but it fluctuates a little more than I like it too, makes me nervous, any help appreciated,
Lightning isn't maintained....or at least it wasn't 14 years ago. Be prepared with chains or sled if the snow is deep.
They usually keep the Pittsburg road plowed. The river can be very challenging for sure, lots of water and lots of rock. Expect people to be crowded around whatever access is available.
I've never hunted it. I may try for the archery tag next year, but have a hard time justifying the gnarly country to maybe not really be into that good of bulls, limit myself to one unit, and the work that comes with that hunt. I've spent quite a few days staring up the hills from the river; its STEEP
I would stick with the boat option. Very steep country but with year being so hot and dry you won't have to walk very high up that steep crap to find elk. They will be low looking for water! My two cent.
The road in to Pittsburgh landing is pretty good. I drove in there two years ago and some part of it near the top had just been re-done.
The only knowledge about 18x I can pass on to you is, don't assume trails shown on the map are still passable. I learned that last year.

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