160 grn nosler for 270


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Feb 16, 2003
Quesnel B.C., Canada
Anyone tried the 160grn nosler partition in their 270? Any idea on a muzzle velocity with a max, or close to max loading of powder? I'm looking to load for moose and mule deer. I don't want to go with the lighter bullets for deer and then have to sight in again every time I wanna chase moose, so this seems a good option if the ballistics are good for this load/bullet combo. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
First - welcome to Moosie's. I don't know how you found us, but don't believe half of what you hear - either about us or from us!

RL-19 is the most accurate I've found, with the max being about 53 - 54 grains, but gives about 2750 FPS. The old standby for the .270, H-4831, gives higher velocity and the accuracy can be pretty good if your rifle likes it. (Mine doesn't, for some reason.) A max load of that powder (about 57 grains) should give you right about 2900 FPS. That weight in the Nosler Partition is a sleeper - they used to be more roundnose than spitzer. Now they have a higher ballistic coeficient than a 130 gr Ballistic Tip! (.434 vs .433!) and the sectional density is .298.

Naturally - do not start at these levels!
Hi Cali. Thanks for the welcome! Moosie sent me over from the monster muleys board, so I'm familiar enough with him to not believe a word!!LOL! I was actually starting to lean towards some factory loads, the Fed. Premium High Energy in 140grn Trophy Bonded Bear Claw has some awesome looking ballistics. 3100 ft/sec MV, still packin 1500 ft-lbs at 400 yds, set up 2.5" high at 100 it is 11.5" low at 400 and 32" at 500. They advertise 95% weight retention. I'm a little wary of such a light bullet for moose though. I probably shouldn't be, I've taken plenty of moose with the regular Fed Premium in 150 grn noslers and the energy from the 140's is a little better than those. I want to get those numbers from the 160's!
Damn 270 casing is just too small!!
Thanks again for the advice on those loads!
Try loading with H4831SC powder and a magnum primer. This may help you're velocity.
And a max load of 57g will get you to a little over 2900fps.


Sorry didn't mean to echo cali's post

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Hi WillyQBC and Welcome. Since you already know about Moosie, I won't bore you with those stories....
It's been my experience that the 160 grain Partition does not deliver maximum accuracy at maximum velocity. I don't shoot a 270, but I've loaded for lots of folks who do. The one exception to that is the Mark X Mausers. Every one of those that I've loaded for (3) have sucked up all the powder I've been able to stuff in a case. I've had really good luck with IMR 4350 and IMR 4320, using Winchester primers in Remington cases.
Good luck and let us know what you decide works best for you.

Welcome Willy.... you don't know Barb Olsher or Mervin Bush do you? They're fellow Quesnel residents or where the last I heard... they moved there from NW Ontario about 10 years ago...
Chris, have you thought about using the new Nosler 140 grain bullet, called the AccuBond? I don't think they're available yet, but should be in a month or two. I currently have been using 150 grain Ballistic Tips with a charge of 58 grains of H4831. As soon as I can get a hold of some of those new bullets I'm going to see what kind of groups I can get, and if they're as accurate as the Ballistic Tips, I'll switch to using them for everything. For info go here: http://www.nosler.com/accubond.html

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I've never owned a 270 but our 6.5 X 55 Swede comes close. 140 gr Nosler Partition has knocked over several average sized elk for my wife.

Nosler Partition is an outstanding penetrator. I'm sure your 270 will deliver the same performance as our Swede. I suggest go with the most accurate bullet weight (might have to experiment a bit)and let the partition design do the rest for you.

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