12/17/03 hunt (pic)

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
Went out at first light this morning and called where I saw the bobcat on Monday. It was an exact repeat. It promptly showed up and stopped at 400+ yards and sat on its butt and watched......then walked away.

I switched spots and called. See a dog circling downwind. I catch him moving through an opening about 100 yds, shoot and miss.

I have time for one more spot. Its a big flat of foot tall sage I've driven past a hundred times while looking for more rocky, brushy areas.

I set up and call and about 5 minutes into it I see movement about a half-mile out. Coyote coming in fast! Make that two, no three! They didn't deviate, straight line right to me.

At 5 yards the lead dog stopped quartering on. The rifle barked, the dog did a back flip and the other two were hitting the afterburners. I started swinging on the closest when the dog I just shot gets back up and starts running tripod style! He stops at 70 yards, wobbling and staggering. I shoot him and down he goes. The other two are out of range by now.

What a rush calling them right to me in no cover! I was wishing I'd had my shotgun. I no doubt could have at least got one more if not all three.

This was the first dog I cased myself and did a decent job. I can't believe the dog got back on its feet. The 55 grain soft point was doing around 3800 fps when it hit shoulder on the way in and blew up. Everything in the chest cavity was jelly. The second shot was in the neck and was probably not needed.

Notice the white tip on the tail. First coyote I've seen with that.

I need to start carrying a camera in the field as this doesn't do it justice.

My brother had a similar thing happen to him about a week or so ago. The big male came in hard and at about 5 yards that dog realized he was in big trouble. In the scope my brother said the ears pinned back, eyes got really big and the hair on the neck stood up. The coyote knew he was toast...

WTG T Bone!! Keep those cool pictures coming.


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