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Mar 18, 2002
10 more days and I'll be in Wy. I'm ready to make up for the miss from last year. And get shed of those bad dreams from the past. Every time is see a show with Elk I've got relive the past in my mind. It was not no monster but it would have been the first.

And I could not of shared it with a better man than Elkhunter. And he was even nice enough to have me back for another try.
Good luck Meathead- I haven't had the good fortune of meeting Bill in person (yet) but from what I've seen on this forum- your hunting with a class guy! Hope you guys tip em' over and stack em' up!! MarvB
Elhunter is OK.. you have to be careful not to get LB sideways though.. She's a little touchy sometimes... Ha!Ha!Ha! One or two screaming orgasms and they both mellow out..

You'll go a long way before you find better people than Bill and Michelle.. Good Luck..

The air is cold, the snow is on the mountains and where there is no snow, the grass is still green. The last time I was up where we set up camp, the grass was 6 ft. tall. There is a lot of food and a lot of water in the hills this year, so hopefully it wil be even a better year.

It has snowed in the hills the past three nights and most of yesterday. the snow line is about between 8500 - 9000 ft. I could see snow up where we will be hunting yesterday.

Thanks Dan.
Hope you nail one this year meathead.I'll miss meeting you, but I hope to get a chance to meet Elkhunter. We plan on being there around oct 10 and staying around two weeks. Like I said before my mule deer season only lasts 5 days and that gives me some free time to scout for future hunts and party.
pa mt man
Maybe we can meet up somewhere down the road later. I enjoy meeting people from the here.

Good luck on your hunt to.
Heading up in a couple of hours. Will set up camp and LB will pick Martin up at the airport tomorrow and bring him up. Today will fix the corral and get us some fire wood. Looking forward to seeing Martin again for another good elk hunt. See ya tomorrow Martin. ;)
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