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    CO hunters: Landowners want (and are going to get) your tags

    I attended the Denver SAG meeting on this last night. Pretty good showing with about 180 people in attendance. Very strong and very vocal opposition to this was shown at this meeting as well as the last three held in other cities. It will be very telling of the DOW if the director goes ahead...
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    Another Spanking for Ithaca's Man

    BHR, Are you asking me if I like Edwards or Leiberman.. or if I think either of them can beat Bush? Whether either of them can beat Bush depends on just how big the 'Anybody but Bush' crowd is. I'm almost in the 'Anybody but Bush' group; I wouldn't vote for Kerry. But, against Bush, I'd...
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    Another Spanking for Ithaca's Man

    The recent primary and caucus activity has shown that there is a significant portion of the population that is less than thrilled with Bush. Therefore, the Democratic candidate, whoever he is, has a real chance of winning. So, would you rather have Kerry, who is about as far left as one can...
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    Rocky Mountain Front, the latest info

    I'm all for conservation, but feel it is only a temporary mitigation of a symptom, rather than a solution to the cause. Conservation efforts only delay the inevitable. New energy technologies are required. Focusing only on fighting drilling and exploration here or there is wasting time.
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    Rocky Mountain Front, the latest info

    The answer is to develop energy sources that don't require drilling. This may not be as simply done as stated, but one would think that a clear-headed administration not owing to one special interest or another could find the money to start. And I just wonder how things in the middle east...
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    G. W. Bush losing conservationists

    Perhaps the start of one possible solution might be to divert....say, $87 billion from pointless endeavors to research and development efforts in technologies that can eliminate our dependance on fossil fuels. No need for gas and oil means no need to drill domestically and no reason to be...
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    Do you feel that management agencies are underfunded?

    Not sure how anyone could say the Fed resource management agencies are overfunded... The FS, for example, doesn't have the funding to maintain the services and infrastructure it has and is being forced to charge (double tax) users just to enter the forest. They are also increasingly...
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    Whats the Best seal for Danners ?

    I like sno-seal, but don't use it on any boot with gore tex as it will ruin it. At least that's what the manufacturers say.
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    Colorado draw results posted

    Wassup with the deer results? Supposed to be last thursday, then saturday... still not up. Got my elk tag and wondering about deer.
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    New RMEF CEO selected

    I believe the belt-tightening at the RMEF has already been done. In the last year, the administrative staff has been cut by over a third. I'm not sure what's going on with the new HQ building. When all that was first announced I believe there was a mistaken assumption that a bennifactor would...
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    New RMEF CEO selected

    Dart selected as new CEO of Elk Foundation MISSOULA, Mont.-Peter J. Dart has been selected as the new president and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. After an extensive screening process, telephone interviews, written questions, presentations before staff and key volunteers, and...
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    Middle Ages Warmer Than Today

    Rush is certainly an intelligent man. He's got legions of people dupped and he's laughing all the way to the bank.
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    Idaho Wilderness facts

    Since, according to MD4M's logic, wilderness areas force the "Blue Ribbon Coalition-type" people to behave in accordance with how the "green" group wants them to, than wouldn't it be true that all the non-wilderness areas force the "green" groups to enjoy the land as the "Blue Ribbon...
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    Middle Ages Warmer Than Today

    "...from the EIB Network..." - reason enough, at least for me, to treat anything that follows as laughable. Rush Limbaugh an authority on global warming? Puuuhhhhlllleeeezeee!
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    KC - yeah that's probably the doings of this fellow. If not, its one heck of a coincidence. I go through Pearl to get to where I hunt. I used to hunt closer to Buffalo Park and the Encampement river, but now I hunt mostly very close to Pearl. Every year I tell myself its that last year I...

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