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    How many days do you spend in hunting area?

    Just like the topic asks. Lets see who are the actual hard core hunters we have on this site. I will start out with me for mulies. I have several friends and family say I hunt a little to much for mulies. I have been riding dirt bikes in the unit I hunt since 1985. But have only archery hunted...
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    Son in law getting deployed.....

    My new son in law is being deployed to Iraqi. He is being shipped out Jan 4th. Daughter is freaking out. They got married on Nov 12th the day I got my buck. She is 12 - 13 hrs from home herself. They havent even got into there base housing yet. They just get there house next week. My 2 grand...
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    Story of ID F&G......

    I heard several things. There is 4 of them still fighting it I guess. Dont talk to any of them anymore. Well only knew the 1. My ex friends Dad is the only one I knew. Then I hear the Dad spreading rumors about hearing a story from a guy that came into the sporting goods store about me. What a...
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    Story of ID F&G......

    Still in court. Heard different accounts on outcome. But will have to wait to see. As for the friends Taxi shop he got a citation for having no Taxidermist license for the last 3 yrs. F&G gave him court costs and to pay the $25 or $30 a year for the last 3 years so was $75 - $90 for back...
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    Proud Dad...

    Very awesome. Bigger than my first deer. Way to get her into the sport. Go Alexis.
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    My 2005 Season

    Nothing wrong with mounting your buck a couple times till you get it right!!!!!!!!!! LOL I always thought that was why woman where not invited into hunting camp.
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    2005 Montana Whitetails

    Great pics and congrats on all the bucks.
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    Best WT ever for me.

    Very awesome adventure for your son. Congrats on the deer .
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    Buck Pics--12/5/05

    Very nice pics.
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    The 200" club

    Last years buck for me scored 205 3/8ths P&Y. Non Typical. One so far that I could get close to. Have video of a 250+ buck from several years ago but it was harvested. Was 75 yds from this buck on more than one occasion. For 6 weeks I hunted this buck. Every morning and all weekend. In a season...
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    My 2005 Season

    Way to go and fill the freezer. Thats alot of meat. Nice bucks also. Wanted to ask a question though?????? Caption for picture 4 is "The end of the season early cause the fags were filled " Is a fag for the word back east???? LMAO :D
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    Crazy toes dies, hunters no longer confused

    ongrats. Still a nice shooter. Wierd hoof formation.
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    Do Eyeguards Count ?

    Could be a 4x4 with eyeguards. But what if it has kickers coming off the eyeguards? or double eyeguards on one side. I would have to say if its a non typical count them. But if as a typical a 4x4 with eyeguards.
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    Not the Biggest one I seen.......

    I have seen it happen. I was wondering the same thing also. But know alot of people in the beginning of the hunt have higher standards. In a good unit. Could be shot was bad or couldnt get close enough. Shot didnt feel right. But have also seen guys take shots way beyond there shooting on a huge...
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    2005 Elk hunts

    Congrats on both bulls. That is awesome. Very respectable bulls.

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