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    Antelope app in.

    Life is saying,,, Buy another point this year !! goat and mulie,,, will give me 3-2 for 2015 draw in wyo,,,
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    Questions About unit 56

    I guess the tie breaker would be a call to fish and game or the local warden,, refer to them as an umpire of sorts, gotta be a slow time of the year for them and they have always been friendly and helpful for me in the past !
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    Questions About unit 56

    Just standing on the end of the bar watching the kids piss on each others boots,, sooner or later someones going to get their jeans wet and the knuckles will fly,,,,,,, :rolleyes: Top gun is usually right, or very close,, the thing in his head that stops him from typing things you dont...
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    Tresspass fee

    I can chime in on 23,, north part of blm is better deer than goats, center part south of beaver creek is all locked in by private, south areas are huntable but expect a lot of company,, a lot of the school sections are leased and not accessable,, treat as private. I will never put down...
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    Hey Antelope Experts

    Probably to late but range a spot 1/2 way to the goat if you can..
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    Officially a pit bull hater

    my 6 yr old rott got bit on the nose by my brothers 6 lb tea cup yorkie rat when they met, Rott just stepped back and looked at him, walked away !! my rott,s been in the dog parks since he was 6 mo old, if a pit bull comes in, I leave,,, pit bulls are a weird breed that are not trustworthy...
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    2-way Radios

    Doesnt garmin offer a Radio / GPS unit that shows the location of the other units???? No idea how well they work but the other units location would be nice feature
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    Antelope...Lets See Them!!!

    2012 goat finnaly on the wall Wyo area 23 goat http://onyourownadventures.com/hunttalk/album.php?albumid=504&pictureid=4120
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  11. 2012 goat

    2012 goat

    2012 goat
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    Death to Big Fin

    Maybe we could all e-mail her a "welcome to the web site" form letter,,, like every day for a week :) Dear kim viewer, Welcome to the OYOA website, Thank you so much for your kind words about our television program. Thank you for helping make on your own adventures one of the most...
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    I voted!

    double ditto
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    Zombies Taking Over Sportsman Channel

    come visit me here near detroit, we can road trip to the inner city, 4 miles and re-evaluate that idea, then after reloading we can head up to flint and see if we get out alive. or you can just hang at the nearby walmart and watch the bridge cards get swiped,,, Hell we have a president...
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    Zombies Taking Over Sportsman Channel

    Time to change the picture on the school crossing signs to kids looking down at thier phones while walking.