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    Totally disgusting! This is the kind of crap that will kill hunting. Jackasses all around...unbelievable!
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    Big Fin's relatives at it again

    Randy, your stories are hilarious...still remember your stories during the 2009 Nevada elk hunt!
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    James Swan on long distance hunting shots

    Gads, please excuse my typing: No "e" on "solid", and it should have been U.S.M.C., and "hot-dog young guys."
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    James Swan on long distance hunting shots

    I shot a pronghorn in the late '70s in Wyoming with my .243 at 408 paces...hit it right in the heart. But I had a solid position, a windless day and knew I could make the shot. In the late 1990s I killed a cow elk at 515 long paces with my 7mm Weatherby. Again, I had perfect conditions and a...
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    Spinal Decompression/Laminotomy

    idnative: I already had the right hip replaced six years ago, the knee three years ago. Harley: Thanks for the well wishes. I used to be able to walk the ass off 90 percent of the guys my age, but not any more.
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    Spinal Decompression/Laminotomy

    I had a laminectomy done two years ago, and for a few months things were better. Then, when I stood up, I couldn't feel my legs for 30 seconds or more. The surgeon recommended a double-fusion surgery in my lower back (L-1, L4-5). I had the procedure done last July and have regretted it ever...
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    your right wing gun nut.

    If any of these shooters had been ex-Marines or, heaven forbid, NRA members it would have been all over the front pages of the liberal media. It is distressing to see what has become of the U.S media--the vast majority of it slanted left, and covering up facts that you have revealed.
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    If you could start over...

    Mr. Steve: I 've only been to Omaha once, when my daughter graduated from Creighton U. with a nursing degree and U.S. Army commission. Everyone I came across in Omaha treated us well, and I was impressed. With your desire to move to Alaska you need to answer a lot of questions: How old are...
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    DIY lifesize Grizzly Bear

    Very nice mount!
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    Anyone recognize this caliber and bullet?

    The guys are correct--an old .30/06 cartridge. Backtailbc: I was hunting many years ago in the Arrow Creek Breaks in Montana and was way out on a rock ledge where I figured no one had ever been, except maybe Indians eons before. I too found a .264 Magnum casing, blackened with age.
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    If you could start over...

    mr steve: There have been some very good suggestions given to you on previous posts on this thread. But one very important point you need to consider is your fiance's attitude about your hunting plans. I don't care if she is making $150,000 a year after she becomes a physician, if she doesn't...
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    Montana bonus points history

    This is a thorny issue, and one that I will not bitch about since I have been uncommonly lucky in drawing permits--AZ desert sheep, NV desert sheep, two WY bighorn permits, four MT special elk permits, two NV mule deer permits, one NV elk permit. However, I must point out that I like Nevada's...
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    Any body see the Bozeman Daily Chronicle this morning?

    Yes, indeed, I saw it with Randy mentioned in the first paragraph and then summing things up very nicely at the end of the article!
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    The VLD in .243?

    Top Gun: No pictures of the .243. One of these days Big Fin is coming for a visit and maybe I'll have him show me how to post a picture. Mr. Smith-Corona
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    The VLD in .243?

    Topgun: My Dad bought me a Sako Forester .243 in 1961, and I shot countless animals with it over the years. Always used a 100-grain Hornady Spire-Point (I think it is called the Interbond today.) For years I used IMR-4064 powder, then switched to H-4831 because I got similar accuracy and more...